Decison Virginia: The Final Month

Election season is heating up in Virginia as we approach the one month mark until voters across the Commonwealth cast their ballots for the statewide offices of Governor, Lt. Governor and Attorney General and all 100 members of the Virginia House of Delegates.

In light of all the attack ads that have been perpetrated on current Attorney General and Republican Candidate for Governor, Ken Cuccinelli, I would like to clear the air on a few things. While Ken is a social conservative and has championed pro-life issues throughout his career, he by no means hates women of thinks women is inferior. What it boils down to is an honest disagreement with democrats on when life begins. Most importantly, I want to stress the fact that Terry McAuliffe and the Democrats are championing social issues in this election and not Republicans. I firmly believe that if Ken is elected governor he would focus on jobs and education as he has set forward in numerous policy roll-outs. These policies include reducing the individual income tax rate from 5.75 percent to 5 percent and reducing the business income tax from 6 percent to 4 percent. This is really what should matter to young Virginians.

That being said about the Governor’s race, I would like to take the opportunity to elaborate on a race many have not heard about, the race to succeed Ken Cuccinelli as Attorney General. The Republican candidate for Attorney General is State Senator Mark D. Obenshain. As someone who has been around state and local politics since childhood, I can speak from experience when I say that there is not a more down to earth or dedicated public servant in the state of Virginia than Senator Obenshain. Since receiving the Republican nomination in May, He has been campaigning relentlessly to bring his message to the Virginia voters, he has been running a campaign focused on issues that matter most to Virginians to ensure safer communities. His most notable policy roll-outs have been on reforming Human Trafficking prosecution (which is not yet a standalone felony in Virginia), curbing elder abuse and setting forth ethical guidelines for state politicians. He has also been building bipartisan coalitions and has earned the support of many Democrats and independents.

In closing I would just like to say that there is only one political party in Virginia that can ensure that Virginia remains, as we were just ranked by Forbes magazine, “The Best State for Business” and that is the Republican Party. They may not get too much love on college campuses across the nation, but they are the party of jobs, and who doesn’t want one of those?



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