Collision of Disconnect: The Government’s Story of the People

Dem Shut Down

“We ought to have more people who believe in constitutionally limited government. We have to have more people come to Congress with that mindset. I think we can make this a better place, if, when elections happen, we support candidates who share that philosophy” – Sen. Mike Lee

These past few days have indicated how the federal government, notably the Democratic Party,  has been set on a pathway that does not support its citizens but rather itself. When the Founding Fathers drafted the Constitution it was brought to detail the story of liberty and hard work, not the government’s vision of how the people should act.  The current administration has shown how a lack of strong leadership along with a caucus who is overly partisan can dismantle the integrity of our public institutions. Through overzealous spending, failing to compromise, and faulty policy provisions our roots of freedom are dwindling when it the government tells the people that we need their policies to stay afloat.

History is Not with The Democrats 
branches of powerThe success of our great Constitutional Republic has been on the basis of decentralized power and the division of policy provisions within the central government. The government is meant to work for the people and not vice versa, as they mandate their own pay through taxation. The government was meant not play games in the realm of political fiat, but rather govern as minimally as possible to grant the legitimacy of individual liberty. Prior government shutdowns all led to compromise among the branches and even within Congress. What is completely out of line is the modern realm of ‘take it or leave it’ tactics to keep specific spending habits funded. The Republican Party has offered a multitude of solutions over the course of its history to cut spending in non-essential areas of public policy. Of course, not all these cuts will be made, however, the Democrats see all these programs as essential to the growth of the nation, rather than letting the individual judge what is best for his or herself. The accord between the American people and government is not very strong as one wants heavy regulations and social programs where the other wants to free from misused taxation schemes. The topic at hand is the Affordable Health Care Act and its overextension in public health and the pathway to a single payer system.

Should Government be Involved in Health?

Soda taxPublic health policy requires a harmonious cooperation between the government and the citizens. This policy entails a stance of prevention rather than reaction and it focuses on the masses rather than the individual. Public health policies of the past were introduced in mandatory scenarios of government intervention in quarantine, vaccination, or the creation of public sewers and waste disposal systems. The modern interpretation is of public health uses the term “epidemic” to justify government intrusion on one’s decisions about tobacco and food consumption. The transition shows how governments will try to fight battles that are beyond their reach. One case or an example is Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s ban on large sugary drinks, namely soda, to tackle the haunting issue of obesity. New York City presents a stage of how a municipal government is overextending its power to control what individuals choose to eat and drink. Obesity has been tagged as a public health crisis instead of being an issue of self-control where individuals choose to consume what they see fit. Proponents of the ban find the need to tell others what is correct to consume, when in actuality it must be up to the individual to preserve their own eating habits. The case as a whole targets the soda companies as criminals for producing a product that employs many Americans and satisfies market needs of beverages . This ‘executive fiat’ found within the Democratic Party is portrayed at full throttle when Mayor Bloomberg decided to depart from the American Constitution in order to push a political agenda. There is no doubt that obesity is a problem across America; however, it is not an issue the government should address this in form of a ban or taxes rather it should promote healthy eating. Social trust and self-trust are at a standstill in New York City, as the government is looking to tell individuals what one is consuming is a harm to not only themselves but also to the city. People cannot tread on their government to solve all issues, however, they can tread on issues of liberty and government power. The ultimate solution to public health is awareness and that starts in the classrooms, where individuals can develop a state of mind that can choose what is correct in their own lives.

Repainting the Story in Favor of the People

It is evident that governments at all levels, that are under the Democratic agenda, have an intrusive mentality and want to paint a story that makes government look favorable to be over bloated. The story is always in favor of the people, however, we need to show that through voting representatives that support self-responsibility and stand by the citizens. The government shutdown is an attempt by the Democratic Party to display that you need the government to function in daily. It is sad to see that a prominent political party is playing games with its citizens to gain an advantage in campaigning, despite the fact they had won the 2012 election cycle.


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