Islamic Supremacy Gains Foothold In America

As acts of Jihad Islamist terror are committed around the world and non-Muslims in Muslim countries are persecuted for their beliefs Islam continues to be honored here at home and continues to be afforded privileges and sometimes superior status not afforded to other faiths and culture. This despite the fact that America was founded on Biblical principles not on Islamic principles. Under Barack Hussein Obama terrorist documents have been purged of any Islamic connected references and he has gone out of his way to reach out to Islamist tyrants and terror groups like the Muslim Brotherhood.

Now CAIR which has ties to the brotherhood is seemingly emboldened and calling the shots and smearing anyone who dares to try and expose The Muslim Brotherhoods influence in America. Included in this article is the revelation that a US government employee is openly supporting the Muslim Brotherhood a terrorist organization. In addition while attacks were perpetrated last week in Kenya and Nigeria by Islamists the flag of Jihad and pro Muslim Brotherhood symbols were proudly waved in New York City. As this link shows Muslims in NYC felt no shame in displaying sympathy for terrorist groups in broad daylight.  We can only hope the NSA wasn’t too busy monitoring patriots to keep and eye on these radical Islamists.

The fact that our government is sanctioning Muslim Brotherhood and Islamist rhetoric and not treating people expressing sympathy for genocidal terror groups as enemies of state should be concerning to all Americans. The fact that in the case of one official mentioned in the CAIR article he is a government employee shown making an Islamist supremacist symbol should be downright unacceptable. We the people should contact our representatives and let them know politely of course that treason is unacceptable and our government officials should not attend or go near Islamist hate rallies. We remain one nation under God not under the flag of Jihad.



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