Odd Places To Find Conservative Values

I really haven’t wanted to write about politics lately.  In fact, I’m entirely burned out.  Between the government shutdown and the intransigent partisanship that followed, I have found myself not wanting to open my Twitter app or even read a newspaper for the last two weeks.

I decided I would wait out the legislative deadlock by immersing myself in video games, music, and television; those missile-proof bunkers where all Americans eventually go to hide.  But me being me, and still entirely possessing a brain that doubles as an antenna for the political, I couldn’t help but pick up some signals emanating from strange frequencies.

It all started when I tuned into the series premiere of Fox’s new horror drama Sleepy Hollow.  Loosely based on Washington Irving’s classic story of Ichabod Crane and the Headless Horseman, the show revolves around a Revolutionary War veteran who has reawakened in modern-day upstate New York and enlists a policewoman and her sister to confront the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse as judgment day draws near.  Biblical references abound (although the writers’ theology is rather flawed for entertainment’s sake) as do smart jabs at big government such as Crane’s outrage over a 6% tax on donuts and his demanding to be shown a warrant when placed in handcuffs.  It’s a sign of positive change that Sleepy Hollow is winning in the ratings over decidedly progressive filth such as 2 Broke Girls, and was the first show on Fox’s roster to be given the green light for renewal after debuting as the network’s highest rated drama premiere in six seasons.

It’s a small victory, but we’ll take it.  Conservatives:  1  Network TV:  94730748

About the time that Harry Reid was mulling the reasons why anybody would want to help a child with cancer, I was knee-deep in Bethesda Softworks’s action/RPG masterpiece The Elder Scrolls V:  Skyrim.  Although I was a late-comer to Skyrim (mostly because of my years-long enslavement to World of Warcraft), I’ve jumped in now with both feet and am loving this hack-and-slash dungeon crawl that features some groundbreaking AI work and breathtaking scenic views of a land resembling something like Norway during the Bronze Age.  And it even manages to throw some Conservative messages into its mix of might and magic, as if some gifted necromancer had found the burial chamber of William F. Buckley, Jr.

In the game, you can choose to join up with the Stormcloak faction and work to free Skyrim from the abusive Imperial army, who has outlawed religion throughout the province and maintains a clenched grip on almost every aspect of Nord life.  Throughout your freedom fighting you’re constantly reminded that you press on in the name of faith, country, and culture in an effort to shake the yoke of an oppressive (albeit incomprehensibly popular) government and provide better days for future generations.

As for music, unfortunately it’s rather difficult for me to find anything that jives well with my conservatism when I open up iTunes.  I mostly listen to 90’s alternative and grunge, although I did find out recently that Aaron Lewis is a Republican.  I guess that’s something anyway, even though I haven’t heard any of his country tunes (nor will I) and it’s been a while since I listened to Staind.

I must admit that lately I’ve developed something of a penchant for Dubstep.  It’s nice to see a new generation of DJ’s carrying the Electronica genre forward, since so many of us in the old guard have long since hung up our headphones.

Here’s hoping this government shutdown comes to some kind of a conclusion relatively soon.  Rambling on about headless television shows, pixelated decapitations of tyrants, and music made by cranial shotgun suicide victims isn’t really very good for my portfolio.

Nope.  Not one bit.


2 thoughts on “Odd Places To Find Conservative Values

  1. You are correct, the differences in our philosophies are minor, to the point that I question the tweet that initiated the dialogue, which, happily, may become a positive! (I’m entirely happy that I remained civil)
    In this blog you have defined my position while digressing into a warranted malaise of entertainment debauchery. In the words of our beloved womanizing president, “I feel your pain”.
    You said; “Throughout your freedom fighting you’re constantly reminded that you press on in the name of faith, country, and culture in an effort to shake the yoke of an oppressive (albeit incomprehensibly popular) government and provide better days for future generations.”
    This is my definition of the struggle for Libertarianism.

    1. Ok but to me “faith and culture” fly in the face of drug use, abortion, sexual degeneracy, and unchecked greed. These are things that your Libertarian Party finds entirely acceptable.


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