Total Lack of Accountability

From an objective viewpoint, it is very clear that the Obama administration has taken no responsibility for any of the scandals that are plaguing the federal government. From the terrorist attack in Benghazi, Libya through the constant failures in the Affordable Care Act, the blame is always shifted onto someone else, or the topic is completely avoided. Let’s look at just three of the many failures of the federal government.

The house of cards began to fall with the attack on the consulate in Benghazi. September 11 is a day of victory for Islamic Jihadists. Ambassador Chris Stevens knew this, and requested more security multiple times to the State Department. Each time, his request was denied. When that fateful day came, Ambassador Stevens’ concern was proven to be true, yet no help was sent, and 4 Americans died that day. For the next two weeks, the executive branch and State Department created a narrative about an inflammatory video that sparked that attack, later to be recanted.Benghazi-US-Consulate

Why was a false narrative created? Keep in mind that the attack happened during the heat of the 2012 election season; a terrorist attack would have ruined the President’s slogan that “Osama bin Laden is dead, GM is alive, and Al-Qaeda is on the run.” Instead of accepting responsibility for the attack (or even not creating a narrative for that matter), a diversion was created to fool the American people. On October 18, Fox News Correspondent James Rosen asked White House Press Secretary Jay Carney about a national security meeting that was conducted on September 10, 2012. The exchange lasted about 10 minutes, with Carney dodging the questions, and eventually walking off the podium without any hint as to the content of that meeting.

Next revealed was the IRS scandal. Allegedly, the IRS targeted Conservative and Tea Party groups seeking tax exempt status from 2010-2013. When called to testify before Congress, the head of the division, Lois Lerner, pled the fifth for protection from self-incrimination. What was she hiding? Who was she protecting? There has still been no answer as to who ordered targeted scrutinizing on these groups. If the IRS can target groups based on their political affiliation, why would they act any differently when in charge of healthcare?IRS-Scandal

Most recent is the catastrophic launch of the Affordable Care Act’s health exchanges. In its first week of operation, about 51,000 reportedly signed up for the exchanges, but that number is a rough estimate, as almost no one knows how many have signed up. The goal of the Obama administration was for about 7 million people to sign up during the open enrollment period. At that rate, about 270,000 should be signing up per week. However, there have been nowhere near that many people signing up for the exchanges, in no small part due to a massive amount of glitches in the system. Karl Rove, former advisor to President George W. Bush, recently noted in an interview with Fox News that since Medicare part D was passed under Bush, technology has exponentially increased. There were problems with that system, but with today’s technology, recording the amount of people signing up for the exchanges should not be a problem.

So why has there been such an issue with the website? Quite frankly, no one knows. Kathleen Sebelius (who had time for an interview with Jon Stewart, but not a Congressional hearing) has consistently dodged such questions regarding the implementation of the plan. Even the mainstream media is starting to question the ACA’s ability to handle itself. If the website cannot even be managed properly, can we expect better when it comes to the actual practice of medical coverage?47of 50 Having Obamacare Failures

There has been a consistent pattern here. Mistakes of one department connected to the executive branch are blamed on another, or are simply ignored. There has been absolutely no justice for the four dead Americans in Benghazi, none have been fired at the IRS for targeting groups based on their political beliefs, and the first steps of implementation for the Affordable Care Acct have been an absolute disaster. Simply put, there is fault somewhere, and it is time for someone in the administration to stand up and take the blame for something. Someone in the State Department must stand up and claim responsibility for lack of security in Benghazi. Someone at the IRS must stand up and claim that they were a part of the targeting of Conservative groups. Someone must stand up at the Department of Health and Human Services and say that the Affordable Care Act has been a disaster.

The constant shift of blame casts a shadow on the rest of America that makes the rest of the world laugh. It is a dangerous practice to defer responsibility to another party. What kind of example does this put forth towards the Millennials? If the government will not take responsibility, then why should anyone? It is a slippery slope that has been the touchtone of this administration. Unlike the Iran-Contra scandal, in which President Reagan claimed responsibility for his administration and asked for forgiveness, the current President has done the opposite. I ask you, fellow Americans, do you think the Obama administration still has the moral authority to lead the country? To quote Uncle Ben from Spiderman, “With great power comes great responsibility.” I beg to say that the Obama administration has taken the mantle of great power, but they left the responsibility behind.



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