Corey Booker 2016?

749px-Booker1Perhaps the person who was most upset about Corey Booker winning the special election for U.S. Senate in New Jersey isn’t defeated Republican Steve Lonegan, but Hillary Clinton. The reason being that it is quite possible that Booker could be the only one capable of securing the nomination over former Secretary of State Clinton.
In case you don’t know much about Senator-Elect Booker here is the scoop: He is a 44 Year old New Jersey Native and current Mayor of Newark, the state’s largest city. He’s a graduate of Stanford University where he was a varsity football player and a Rhodes Scholar. He graduated from Yale Law School, was elected to the Newark City Council shortly thereafter and elected Mayor in 2006. His election last Tuesday made him the ninth African-American U.S. Senator in history and the second currently serving.
Now it would appear at first that 2016 would be pretty soon to run for president for a Senator first elected in 2013, It is important to remember that in 2008 a freshman Senator first elected in 2004 named Barack Obama successfully secured the nomination (over Clinton) and became a two-term president. I would argue that not only is Booker similar to Obama but based on his credentials and speaking ability is even a better candidate.
So what does this mean for conservatives? We should be pulling for Hillary to get the democratic nomination and try to nominate a young exciting Republican like Ted Cruz or Rand Paul that can provide a stark contrast in the general election. Hillary would be one of the oldest presidents ever and is seen nationally as a legacy candidate running on the coattails of her husband and their huge financial backers. In short, keep an eye on Corey Booker, he is here to stay.


One thought on “Corey Booker 2016?

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