For Such A Time Is This

As most of us know, the government was shutdown for a little over two weeks. During that time, people from BOTH sides were really becoming anxious with the shutdown, since there was a possibility of going into default.

Top Republicans met with the President early this week for a 90 minute meeting, after which the scheduled several closed-door meetings. During the shutdown, the House became the “target” for criticism because they were “holding the American people hostage.”

Apparently, yesterday, they let the hostages free…

The House and Senate both passed a bill that would raise the debt ceiling, re-open the government, but that also did NOT address any ObamaCare issue.. So, what was the point of the shutdown? What good did it do? The only change we’ve had has been the event where Veterans were threatened with jail-time for going to THEIR monument [which has never been closed during a shutdown before.]

Sen. Ted Cruz, the main leader of the fight to defund ObamaCare, said on his FB page, “This was a lousy deal for the American people. If Senate Republicans had united and supported House Republicans and the American people, we could have had a very different outcome.”

I highly respect Senator Cruz, but no, I don’t “blindly” follow everything he says. I look into things for myself, and I researched ObamaCare, and the House and Senate Republicans were right for standing adamantly against it..

But what happened?

How did the House go from firmly standing against ObamaCare, to just quickly passing something that did nothing but, as a friend of mine said, “kick the can down the road”?

What happened behind those closed doors with leading Republicans that changed their minds?

What was it that the President told them that made them change their minds?

I just find it *slightly* too ironic that they were firm in their stand in until they met with the President.. anyone else get the same feeling??

Also, the fact that they changed their tunes *so* quickly makes me wonder why they were standing against it in the first place? Was it because of popularity? Did it just seem like the thing to do? Or did they legitimately think that the constituents that voted them in would approve?

All I know is that there IS such a thing as government corruption, and if America doesn’t step it up, there’s going to be a LOT more of it going around…

I obviously don’t know what happened in that meeting. Your average American doesn’t, and this is just my opinion, but I honestly think we should know EXACTLY what was said… They were discussing something that affects us, but exempts them — why then should it be behind closed doors?

It’s up to WE THE PEOPLE. The government isn’t listening to us.

It’s past time they did.

“For such a time is this.”



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