The Modern State of Conservatism

GOP United “The future of the Republican Party and the future of America is based on a values system and the issues that drive those values are on our side” Senator Tim Scott

The nation is in free fall with the policies set out by the Democratic Party and somehow, the GOP is always the one to catch the short end of the stick and be blamed for the failures found in Washington D.C. When the mainstream media blames your political beliefs for the causes of specific issues, one cannot feel truly satisfied to be apart of such a belief. Our own party is split between the Old Guard Republicans and Tea Party Patriots allowing for differing visions under the same political roof. This sentiment of defeat is hurting our ability to be united as a strong political base, thus, it is evident that we need to rise to the occasion and keep Red Nation Rising. Under President Reagan, the Republican Party was united and had a sense of direction that could not be derailed. Despite not having the White House and a divided caucus, we can still dismantle those barriers and unify the Party.

At the core of our Party, stands our principled issues and strong message to bring excellence back to the streets of America. Our history spans over generations of topics that have brought together many strong conservatives to fight against oppressive liberal policies. From Civil Rights to the Affordable Care Act, we have been the Party of inclusion and we must continue that ethic to broaden our appeal to the youth and other diverse groups. When we lost 2012, we did not simply accept what the Democrats had to offer, we fought for what believed in and rallied our base to be encouraged about 2014 and 2016. The fight will not end with one election, that is the beauty of democracy, thus, our message will represent how our base is willing to appeal to all.

We cannot fret on the past for very long, we must simply look to it as a lesson that must not be repeated. The legitimacy of the American people and economy is at stake and we must never see negativity within ourselves, instead we must look where we stand today and modernize our timeless principles to the general public to gain a conservative revolution that will shock the left. We cannot fear being defeated, and we cannot fear our own stances. We can win the next sets of elections, however, it will take significant work from everyone and our ability to unify our differences to gain one common goal of a prosperous America.


One thought on “The Modern State of Conservatism

  1. Well written article. Conservatism is about preserving that which was and conserving the values and principals which make America great including the Constitution of the USA. It is a message which is very relevant as not all innovations are good and some are negative for the country and for Western civilization.


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