Wake Up, Washington!

When we were kids, we really looked up to, and tried to emulate, our favorite people. Be it Superman, or a Power Ranger. We ALWAYS wanted to be the good guy [or gal], but as we got older, we realized that following any man without question, needed to be toned out a bit, and we needed to grow up.

[image via TheBlaze]
I am desperately afraid that the Obama Administration has become much the same way, but has never grow out of it. Secretary of Health and Human Services Kathleen Sebelius is living proof of that. The unfailing, unquestioning “service” is, well, nauseating …The hearing on Obamacare went as well as the website — it crashed.

I wasn’t able to watch live, but I did find video, and I have never seen someone so flustered and unable to give a straight answer before in my life …

Sebelius literally squirmed with every question ..

My favorite.. well, ONE of my favorite parts, is when Rep. Gregg Harper [R-Miss.] asked Mrs. Sebelius if President Obama ultimately responsible for the failure that ObamaCare has been, she replied “No sir, we are responsible for the roll-out.” The representative pressed his point, and the only thing Sebelius knew to do, was to say “Whatever.”

I can understand you taking the blame for YOUR mistake, that’s an honorable thing to do. However, the President of the United States IS responsible for offices and branches under him — that’s what makes being the President such a big deal — he doesn’t just answer for himself, he answers for his administration, too. He decides who to put in charge of each particular position in the administration, and it’s his job to make sure everything runs smoothly.. and I honestly think, as much as Sebelius needs the boot, that the President should take some blame for all the “bumps in the road” with Obamacare — and the site has only been up for a month!

How many people have enrolled in Obamacare thus far? If they were big numbers, don’t you think they’d all be gloating about how successful it’s been, despite what the horrible Ted Cruz said and did?

Ah, but we haven’t heard any numbers, have we? They’re being rather quiet on that fact. I wonder why?

Why is it that the entire Administration, the lap-dog media, and even some politicians, refuse to see things as they really are? Refuse to question anything? Respect for the President is fine. Really, it’s the right thing to do, but following EVERY SINGLE THING he says, blindly, regardless of whether it’s good or bad, isn’t.

My advice? Get rid of all the unquestioning service in Washington, and start working for the good of the nation — not for the good of the President of the United States.

People make mistakes, but it’s an honest person that will own up to what they’ve done wrong … and that’s the kind of leadership that the American people want and need.

America desperately needs strong, honest leadership — leadership with a backbone. Come on, D.C. — start listening.



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