What the Election of a Socialist Means for New York

Just when you thought the authoritarian and expanded government of Mike Bloomberg were extreme and part of a big government trend comes the election of a man who admitted sympathy and support for revolutionaries in central America as well as expressed socialist philosophies. A decisive election was delivered to the most liberal candidate since David Dinkins.

One would have hoped that the man who stood with Rudolph Giuliani in the days after 9-11 and supported stop and frisk which helped to keep the streets of NY safe would have won. Instead Bill De Blassio who has called for an end to the counter terror policies which has kept NYC relatively safe from Islamic terror attacks since 9/11. He is willing to sacrifice the security of New Yonkers so as not to offend Islamists. In addition as I mentioned in an article before the election De Blassio has spoken out against stop and frisk which have kept all NYers safer and helped to keep criminals off the streets. Now that he has been elected one can hope and pray that he will see the error of his ways and realize that there was a reason crime subsided substantially after Mayor Giuliani. NYers should email and contact their representatives and urge them not to sacrifice the security and safety on NYers on the alter of political correctness.

In addition true to the leftist script De Blassio throughout his campaign has waged class warfare and divided the city along racial and economic lines echoing the strategy used by Obama in the campaign cycle. De Blassio intends to punish the rich and successful by taxing and redistributing the wealth. Again now that he has been elected NYers as all Americans should protest unfair taxes and urge our elected officials to cut entitlements not raise taxes and urge our elected officials to not punish those who are successful. We should let them know in a polite way that we are a land of liberty not one of wealth redistribution and division. We are a nation under God not under big nanny government.

We can now expect tax hikes for the wealthy. Unless NYers make their voices heard we can expect business to go elsewhere. Detroit is an example of what happens with leftist bad economic policies. In addition we can now expect the mayor to be more attentive to racial sensitivities then doing whats best for all NYers. Despite all this and the mistake many made in voting in a radical leftist mayor a socialist crime ridden terrorist prone city is not inevitable. The NYPD can stand their ground and demand the mayor put American security above PC and not let “Lets build alliances with Islam” and pro Nicaraguan communist Bill know that we the people will not reelect politicians who engage in class warfare and division. Those who voted for him can vote him out next election and those who didn’t can hold protests and rallies to demand that our politicians represent we the people and the ideals of our republic not the ideals of communist radical regimes.



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