Virginia Governor 2013: What We Learned

Millions poured in from out of state, the polling predicted a blowout, Bill Clinton and Barack Obama came to help and the spending ratio was 25:1 in the final days. Despite all these factors against him, Ken Cuccinelli was defeated in the Virginia Governors race by a mere 57,000 votes, or 2.5%, compared to the Real Clear Politics Polling average of McAuliffe up by 6.7%.

Immediately after the results were in the mainstream media and pundits started saying things along the lines of “Ha ha we told you that you wouldn’t win with a candidate that conservative!”. But the fact remains that out of 2.2 million voters, a third party candidate claiming 160,000 votes and a barrage of negative campaigning, only 57,000 votes kept Attorney General Cuccinelli from the Governors mansion.

Obviously losing is never the ideal outcome, especially in a Virginia that has been trending blue, but it is in the lessons of defeat that we learn how to win next time. The democrats were able to get their message on Ken out first- that he was a ideologue hell bent on cramming social conservatism down the throat of Virginia and banning contraception and oral sex along the way (that’s right, Ken would’ve single handedly reversed the US Supreme Court on those issues if elected Virginia’s Governor).  If we had started campaigning positive early and often on why Ken is NOT like that and why now that McAullife is governor around 100 people will come off the sex offender registry because Ken used those oral sex and sodomy laws (that are void when it comes to consenting adults) to prosecute pedophiles, who knows what the outcome could have been.

So for now we close the book on the chapter of Virginia politics about the Engineer with 5 daughters who the democrats convinced the masses hated science and women. Will Ken Cuccinelli be back? Maybe. But as I like to say ‘the party never ends in Virginia’ every year is election year. So lets nurse our wounds for a few weeks and get back out there.



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