A Foreign Policy Recipe For Disaster

Just when you thought maybe Obama’s disasterous fundamental transformation was complete there he goes again this time surrendering America’s national interests in exchange for a deal on paper with a dangerous regime which can’t be trusted. Yep with his class division,Obamacare and undermining of America’s Biblical moral values Obama felt this was not enough now he has agreed to allow the Islamic republic of Iran the time it needs to pottentially build the worlds worst weapons.

The new deal no pun intended was conviently announced just as the mainstream media was finally critizing Obama for the disasterous roleout of Obamacare and his broken promise of if you like your plan you can keep it. Now for all intents and purposes he has as many have said told the Mullah’s effectively if you like your uranium enrichment you can keep it. Obama has assured the American people and our allies that Iran wont be allowed to get the atom bomb but the rub is the sanctions were providing pressure which needed more time instead we are alllowing billions of dollars back into Iran which the sanctions were blocking and The Iranians have given us nothing but there word that they will stop some enrichment. Meanwhile there word means nothing when the chant of their national guard continues to be “death to America”. They have already said that this is a victory for them and that they have a right to a nuclear program.

If this was not bad enough the deal dosn’t address the Iranian worldwide support of terror. Hizballah is still an Iranian terrorist project. American troops have been killed and lost limbs from Iranian made IED’s or Impovised Explosive Devices in Iraq. This agreement does nothing to require them to stop supporting international terror. All we have is Obama’s word that this is a good deal but hey isn’t he the one who said those who like their health insurance could keep it.

Finally an American pastor continues to rot in Iranian prison for no reason other then Iranian hate. His family as well as many conservatives have pressed this administration as to why this was not addresed in the in the agreement. Some would be forgiven for thinking it seems this administatrion was desprite for an agreement.

While no one is rooting for war and their are no great options Iranian nuclear dissarmerment is crucial to international security and especially American security. Their word is not enough to base an agreement on. This deal weakens our security and that of our allies and shows yet again Obama’s habit of apologizing and surrendering on behalf of America especially before the Islamist world. Obama will not meet with tea party officials or conservative republicans yet seems very comfertable meeting with the enemies of America. While this deal may have been based on good intentions his naivite and bad judgement as well as ideological bias has clouded his ability to see through a bad deal. The Iranians walk away from this victourous and as to America and our allies left in a sea of uncertainty less secure then America was before. Yet again our allies have been thrown under the bus and our enemies rewarded. We can just hope congress will pass the tough sanctions needed despite Obama’s deals and we can hope Iran will not get the bomb our security depends on it.


One thought on “A Foreign Policy Recipe For Disaster

  1. In addition Iran is an Islamist regime and as such they no doubt engage in Tiqya an Islamist concept of lying to the infidel which is how they view America and as such they are untrustworthy.


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