Obama Backpedals American Foreign Policy

If it wasn’t bad enough Obama did little to secure Benghazi and was unable to prevent the Boston Jihad attack, his recent surrender to Iran shows weakness and reflects a pre-9/11 mindset. These words at CPAC (Conservative Political Action Conference) this past year from an up-and-coming GOP star and native of Arkansas as well as someone who put himself on the line by serving our country ring true today. President Obama has dampened the resolve of many to win the conflict of our times. Some even in the republican party think that we should embrace a softer and more isolated foreign policy and then maybe they will leave us alone. But the war on radical Islam cannot be lost just like we could not lose the Cold War. It must end as Reagan put it: “We win and they loose.”

The formula for victory over the Jihadists and their enablers is two fold. One is in order to keep our country safe from attack an avoid wasting government resources, and tax payer money. America should end immigration both illegal and legal from Islamist countries. In addition our exchange student program should cease bringing students from Saudi Arabia and other Jihadist hotbeds. While not all these people are terrorists, we cannot keep track of who’s who. Terrorists have already slipped through the cracks of our immigration system both in the case of the Boston bombers as well as Iraqi terrorists recently discovered in Kentuky who were relocated through our refugee program.

Yes, you heard that right. The same people who blew our soldiers up in Iraq and caused loss of life and limb were allowed to relocate to America under a refugee program.

Our immigration system is broken and until it’s fixed we should not risk more Boston bombings or even worse in the name of “political correctness.” American’s are unemployed- it is not America’s job to employ Iraqis or Saudis as well. In addition to tight immigration policies, those Islamic regimes even sympathetic to terrorists should not receive a cent from American taxpayers. Finally, negotiating with Iran, the Taliban, or any other terrorist regime should be off limits. Diplomacy is for unfriendly countries, not countries which chant death to America and our allies while supplying IED’s to the enemy which kills our troops.

We should support Israel should they feel it necessary to take out Iranian reactors. Israel was criticized at first for taking out Iraq’s nuke program, but later the international community came to be grateful for it. America should always take out threats oversees before they come close to America or our allies. Having said this, democracy building has proven unsuccessful in the Arab world as such we should not go to war to spread democracy, but rather to defend it. By doing all these steps, we can win the war on radical Islam just as America defeated totalitarian ideologues before it. While this may take a long time, it is better than surrendering or admitting defeat.

American lives should not be subject to political pandering.


One thought on “Obama Backpedals American Foreign Policy

  1. The recent massacre by Islamist’s in Iraq and the bragging of Iran’s “leaders” along with the recent terrorist attacks against Israel show the relevance of this article. Sadly the Isalmists continue their rampage against the West the war on radical Islam is as relevant as ever.


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