Saving Western Civilization

Conservatism by definition means to conserve. Contrary to popular belief, it is not simply about lower taxes or small government. Conservatism is rather an ideology, especially in the Burkean sense, which means to conserve western civilization and its values whether it is faith, traditional family, or culture. America was founded as an English speaking nation, inspired by Biblical values, and steeped in tradition. These values that are the cornerstones of America, are under threat. Thomas Jefferson famously said that the constitution was intended for a “moral people”. Erosion of these values will undermine our republic.

Today the government seeks to change the traditional definition of marriage as it has been for centuries. Prayer, and trust in God are kept out of the public sphere by legal censorship. Abortion and state assisted suicide are now dismissed as a matter of choice, and Biblical values are being replaced with secular values; in some places more respect is given to Islamic law than Judeo-Christian values.

How can we reverse this trend? First we should recognize that, as William F. Buckley states, conservatives should be the ones saying “stop” to these new Progressive trends. We should oppose amnesty for illegal aliens (some of whom may be from Islamic lands and bent on destruction). We should support candidates who champion life for the unborn, religious liberty free from government interference, and oppose government efforts to further destroy the traditional family by changing the definition of marriage. We should support Israel, as they are the first line of defense against Islamists who wish to destroy Western civilization. We should maintain freedom of prayer in schools, morality in public places, and remembering that it is “In God we Trust”, not in big government.

We should end immigration from Islamic lands, as these are hotbeds of violence, and its people include many whose values are fundamentally different than the Biblical values upon which this nation was founded. We should seek to be a society which values family, faith and culture. We should cherish individual charity while discouraging government intervention. Conservatism is not something to be ashamed of, as it is an heir to a rich intellectual tradition. We can preserve the traditional America even if we do not win every election. Changes can start in our homes, towns, and cities. We should stand up for the values which make America great and preserve Western civilization and resist leftist pressure.



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