The State of the Union & a President’s Exploitation of American Heroes

The State of the Union address last Tuesday was nothing short of underwhelming. From the moment the President said, “my fellow Americans,” to the needless standing ovations, even from those whom President Obama says he will bypass to get things done, to the extreme look of boredom from Speaker Boehner, many things stood out to me during the address; but nothing stood out more than what the Commander in Chief had to say about the military.

sgt remsburgObama made many statements directed towards the military, including how there are no more troops in Iraq, as if it were some kind of huge success story. It would be a success story had Al-Qaeda not completely retaken the city of Fallujah. The President then goes on to bring up an oldie, but goodie, by saying he wants to completely close the prison at Guantanamo Bay. That is something we have not heard of in a while.

The Presidents next point was about pay for government contractors, and he also mentioned the military in that same sentence. Very interesting how the military generals and other military members all gave Obama a standing ovation with every word he muttered towards the military. He could have been telling them that they were all going to be fired, and they would have still probably given him a standing ovation. The fact is that Obama was trying to make it look like he was for the troops, supported them, and truly wanted the best for them. If that were truly the case, then why would he propose and support cutting military pensions, then turning around and giving that money to illegal immigrants who do nothing to contribute to the economy and have done nothing whatsoever to earn that money? On top of all that, if he were truly for the military, he would have given them more than a measly 0.9 percent yearly pay raise, which is the lowest number of any president in U.S. history.Sgt and Michelle Obama 2

I have saved the best for last. At the beginning, as First Lady Michelle Obama walked in and sat down, we see a disfigured military veteran, whom Michelle Obama is being extremely friendly towards. Later on, towards the end of the address, Obama goes into one of his patented heartwarming stories guaranteed to make the toughest person cry (I’m being sarcastic of course). He tells the story of this disabled veteran, which is nice, except it seems his motive for telling the story was not even close to being right. He used the story of Sgt. 1st Class Cory Remsburg, an American hero, to further his own polluted political agenda. Our military veterans deserve to be honored and respected, not used and exploited for a lawless president’s own agenda. It is just sad to see the Commander in Chief completely disrespecting those who paid dearly to protect our freedoms.


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