Of Words and Deeds

Yesterday, during the National Prayer Breakfast that takes place in Washington D.C. each year, the President made a statement which, frankly, stunned me…

He actually said something that I agree with.. and I still, honestly don’t know if he realized what he said.

“The killing of the innocent is never fulfilling God’s will. In fact, it’s the ultimate betrayal of God’s will..” – Barack Obama

I completely agree, but where exactly is the President’s line on this issue? Who is considered innocent?

{in·no·cent }


|| 1.free from moral wrong; without sin; ||

Multiple times, in multiple ways, the President has always found a way to advocate for women’s rights [check out some ways here and here].  If you know about what women’s rights entails, you’ll know that the main issue for the women’s rights advocates is the right, or “choice,” to terminate a pregnancy, also known as abortion.

You don’t need to be a doctor to understand what abortion is, and it’s done one of three ways, though Kermit Gosnell showed us that it’s not limited to being done the “safe” way. “Healthcare professionals” will either poison the baby and allow delivery, vacuum the baby out of the uterus, or use long, sharp metal tools, and cut the baby in several pieces so that they can be removed.. [also, there is NO safe way to “terminate a pregnancy”. No matter what the terminology, no matter how it is performed,  an innocent child is *always* being killed.]

Now, to put this in the correct perspective for us, put your name where it says baby. Put yourself where the baby is, and then tell me what you think… What would you say to your mom if you knew she was going to do this to you? Your mom is your ultimate caregiver; how could she not want you? What would you say to the doctor who swore to promote your HEALTH, who was going to rip you into pieces; and what would you say to your President, who said that’s it’s against God’s will to kill innocent life, yet promotes your – and millions of others’ – slaughter.

Think about it. Put yourself in the innocent’s spot — put yourself in their situation.

Now, I ask you — look around. Watch the news, listen to the radio, and read the speeches. Multitudes of people can make it sound great, look great, and even smell great, but their actions are always going to show the truth. The President obviously knows the truth, whether he realizes the depths to which his statement reaches or not. I completely agree that our missionaries and pastors being held captive need to be set free — they broke no laws, they were, and are, completely innocent. But even more, my heart lies in the hopes – and prayers – that President Obama realizes babies are innocent, too.

Actions speak so much louder than words.


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