Day 1 at CPAC 2014

The first day of the Conservative Political Action Conference has come to an end. A great amount of presentations and information were full of ideas, motivation, and hope. Everything from Senator Ted Cruz impersonation of Jay Leno, to Mitch McConnell’s stage entry with a gun made for a good time. Day 1 started with Senator Ted Cruz speaking on how we must work to inspire Americans. These themes resonated throughout the day with all speakers hitting on such topics. There were ten ways that Cruz recommended we inspire people in this upcoming election:

  1. Defend the Constitution
  2. Abolish the IRS (flat or fair tax)
  3. Expand energy, make high paying jobs
  4. Expand school choice
  5. Repeal Dodd-Frank
  6. Audit the Fed
  7. Pass a strong balanced budget
  8. Repeal every single word of Obamacare
  9. Stop the lawlessness
  10. End the corruption

Regardless of what you think of Senator Cruz, he certainly gave a fantastic list of ways that will get people moving. Specifically, school choice was an almost constant theme with many speakers. School choice is arguably the civil rights issue of our time. Children in city schools are being punished simply because of their location. Union thugs constantly bribe and force many politicians to oppose school choice programs, or else they will not be backed for reelection. How discriminatory…

Going into 2014 midterm elections, school choice could be one of the main issues on the front page. However, the economy itself is likely to be the foremost issue pressing the American electorate. Specifically the economic and monetary policies regarding the Federal Reserve must be focused on during this time. I had the opportunity to sit in on one of the panels discussing monetary policy.

Most Americans don’t know, but the Federal Reserve manipulates our money supply constantly for their own gain at our expense. This is nothing short of crony capitalism and corporatism. The ones who suffer are the one who they claim to be helping: the little guy. However, this is not without hope. There is one currency that could crumble the Fed’s power: Bitcoin. What is that? It’s not very complex, but the idea is brilliant, and transparency is its security. Bitcoin is an online currency not owned by an individual, organization, corporation etc. Individuals own it, and the value cannot be manipulated. If Bitcoin is worth more than the U.S. Dollar, we may just find more people using Bitcoin in future transactions in our economy.

Finally, I also had the opportunity to attend a blogger briefing with Senator Cruz. He made it clear that bloggers play a vital role in today’s political world. His own Senate campaign was announced through online blogs, before any major news network caught wind of the story. Even the beginning of his campaign was purely grassroots. This should offer hope to any blogger, because the work that they do does make a difference, no matter how small. I predict more and more people going into blogging. It is free, easy, and anyone can do it. The internet has created wonderful new opportunities for the political movement. Now, we must embrace it.

Stay tuned for more summaries and updates on Red Millennial!


2 thoughts on “Day 1 at CPAC 2014

  1. Bitcoin? You mean put all my work into code on a server somewhere? Gee, don’t see anything going wrong there. Their CEO was just found dead of an apparent suicide and the creator flees from reporters…it’s just another company making money off paranoia and a hipster idea. If I’m going to be paranoid I’ll invest more in ballistic wampum, not vaporware.

  2. He forgot (and often forgets) to mention teaching conservatism. One of the greatest mistakes the purveyors of this philosophy have been making since the end of Reagan is to stop and teach people why conservatism works and is better for everyone. Liberals do this daily in every channel. It’s a constant chorus of all the things and people they support and stand for. Conservatives really need to start doing it fast or we’ll continue to lose.


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