The War On Charter Schools

It has become well known Bill DeBlasio is not only very liberal, but the NYC mayor embraces a leftist/class warfare mentality. The latest assault on freedom by this administration comes in the form of the mayor’s plan to shut down a series of charter schools in NY. Charter schools are successfull alternatives to the failing public inner city schools. As usual, government run institutions do not have a terrific track record. In fact NYC public schools are known for their crime and lack of quality education. As a leftist, DeBlasio is trying to bring successful institutions down and instead level the playing field.

This is quite unfortunate private education. Charter schools should be preserved, not destroyed. Quality education should be available and not denied. Freedom should reign not government pressure and a nanny state like mentality. Education is not a vehicle for agendas but instead should be about advancing the knowledge and well being of the next generation. Voters should remember this next time a left winger runs for office. America is about opportunity not coercion.



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