A Conservative for Maryland State Senate? Meet Kory Boone!

Recently I met Kory Boone who is running for Maryland State Senate in Prince George’s Country, district 25.  I found Kory’s campaign for Maryland Senate to be most intriguing, as he is a Conservative running in a hardcore liberal district.


S.C.- What made you decide to run?

K.B.- A combination of a couple of things. My love for politics and my disgust for the politicians in office. I feel the current politicians in local and state office are in it for power, and in some aspects, the money. For them, its not about the citizens nor serving. I want to be able to empower the individual, instead of the government.

S.C.- What are some of the obstacles that you face in your campaign?

K.B.- I have 73,830 registered voters, which 63,076 of them are Democrats. So obviously I have some convincing to do in order to get people to vote for a Republican. My platform about cutting taxes, education reform, and creating jobs resonates with Democrats in my area. Another obstacle I face is fundraising money. Facing an incumbent and being in a deep blue state, a lot of donors are set to who they are donating their money too. The team that is working with me, with their skills in fundraising, and grassroots’ donations, I’m confident the campaign will raise enough to be competitive.

S.C.- What are your biggest talking points for your campaign?

K.B.- My three talking points are Slashing Taxes, Creating Local Jobs, and Education Reform. Since Governor O’Malley took office in 2007, he raised taxes 24 times. My opponent has enabled him to do so. Due to those policies, Maryland lost 36,000 jobs in the same time frame. Moreover, if you live in my district, there’s a great chance you work either in D.C., Virginia, or Montgomery County. There’s no jobs in Prince George’s County, but I have a vision to make that change. Out of 24 counties in Maryland, Prince George’s County rank 22nd has been a consistent problem in my district, even when I was enrolled in the school system (I graduated in 2000). I’m a big fan of School Choice, and I seek to implement that on a state level.

S.C.- What do you believe is the biggest issue that resonates with your constituents?

K.B.- Education. I’ve spoken to countless of people that said they purposefully didn’t move to the county because of the poor education system. While the Democrats from my district boast that Maryland has the #1 school system in the country, they fail to look how bad it is in their own district. The county residents know it, the DC metro area knows it, and the state knows it as well.

S.C.- How do you plan on motivating people to your cause?

K.B.- Through an effective grassroots effect, with young people. Young people bring so much energy to causes they stand up for. I’m also starting a movement on social media called #WakeUpAnnapolis. The politicians there truly do not represent the people that voted them there. So through social media, I want to get everyone involved, to the point this is a state-wide movement and politicians have to answer the voices of their constituents.

S.C.- Any final thoughts on your plan for the race?

K.B.- I’m putting all of my time and effort into this race. With God’s grace I believe I can win this election. I have great friends and associates that I have been blessed with to assist me with this victory, and we’re looking to send shockwaves throughout the state!

Follow Kory on Twitter: @Kory4MDSenate



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