Is “Captain America: The Winter Soldier” the Most Anti-Tyranny Movie of 2014? (Spoiler Alert!)

Just the title alone is enough to make any true American citizen feel proud and patriotic. Captain America is the guy that blends honor, strength, and patriotism into the ultimate symbol of American pride in Hollywood.

While the first movie was a decently well done film, this sequel really brought out some very striking themes that will resonate with many conservatives and libertarians (don’t worry, I won’t put in any spoilers, just a few plot lines).

For one, S.H.I.E.L.D. had in production 3 major airships for national security. These ships could take out threats before they even manifested, but Captain America had some major concerns about this.

“I thought the punishment came after the crime” he stated (in my rough estimated quotation). These craft were part of a major overhaul in national security, but Cap recognized the dangers. Having these craft in the air would be gaining more security, but it would be tyranny. In WWII, he acknowledged that they made mistakes and compromised on things in Europe, but they were fighting for freedom. Having such equipment for the purpose of security was not something worth risking for him.

Does that ring any bells? Ah, yes. The Department of Homeland Security. Massive buy-ups of ammunition, body armor, armored personnel carriers,  etc. Even local police forces in rural America are getting weapons of war for their arsenals. Think this is crazy? Even the Huffington Post has a major section of their website about Police Militarization.

As a major part of the security apparatus, the government had taken in the records of Americans voting records, medical records, travel history, etc. in an attempt to predict behavior and prevent threats to national security. Only problem was (spoiler alert here), millions of the threats were everyday American citizens, about 20 million of them.

Does that seem so far off? Hint: think NSA. They collect your phone records, emails, and who knows what else. Why? In the name of “national security,” to prevent terror threats before they happen.  Again, doesn’t the punishment usually come after the crime?

Cap does not like these ideas, and vehemently opposes them. Much to the delight of anti-tyranny folks, he tries to dismantle the tyrannical government bureaucracy. Of course, in classic superhero style, the good guys take ’em down.

Bottom line: the true American patriot opposes a tyrannical government that destroys freedom in the name of security. If you don’t like DHS ammo stockpiles, NSA data mining, or indefinite detention, you should just go see this movie. Well worth the money to see a patriot take down tyranny.


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