Violence is NOT the Answer

The conflict between Nevada rancher Cliven Bundy and the Bureau of Land Management is bringing out a rather ugly side of the American right. Thousands of protestors have flocked to the ranch in Nevada to support Bundy and to show the feds that they will resist. The cause is noble, and the abuses are obvious. However, the support for Bundy is degenerating into something that American does not need right now. This is not a popular opinion to have among many Tea Party groups, but patriotism cannot cloud out reason.

Glenn Beck has been adamant about this situation in recent weeks. He has emphasized peaceful protest and resistance, and to not fall into the trap of violent uprising.

In this area I must agree with Beck.

Many people will disagree with Beck and I on this point. It does not seem like there is any other way to resolve the abuses of the federal government.

“2014 is our 1776!” “I am the III%” “Down with the feds!”

These are the cries of those resisting the overreaching federal government, and their feelings are understandable. But many are letting their hatred for the government get in the way of rational thinking to fix the problem.

Anyone who thinks that violence is the answer to our current predicament should take a look at American history to see how violent protests and resistance have gone when violence was uncalled for. Like Beck has said countless times, look to the example of Martin Luther King Jr.

Malcom X, Black Panther Party, etc. were some of the groups that sided with King on the idea, but promoted use of violence to achieve their goals. What happened? They were mostly forgotten while King is now a revered image for civil rights advocates.

America at large is nowhere near the condition of American blacks from the 1860’s through the 1960’s.

Is the Constitution being shredded? Yes.

Are our civil liberties being slowly eroded? Yes.

Are we becoming enslaved to debt? Yes.

However, getting violent and shooting those in power will do little to solve the problem, as oppression will simply increase to combat this violence. Perhaps the NDAA might to be used to its full extent, an absolutely terrifying thought. Senator Harry Reid has already called the Bundy supporters “domestic terrorists.”

Why would the feds be reluctant to send them to Gitmo if ordered? I would not be surprised.

What it all boils down to is that we are not in 1776 right now. That is just the simple truth, as hard as it may be for some to accept.

We have representation, we have a Constitution (what’s left of it), we have elections (think this November), and we still can come together and peacefully assemble against government overreach.

This is what Americans must recognize. Inciting violence only further creates rifts and divisions among Americans. With the Progressives already dividing and conquering, division from within will only cause self-implosion.

I concur with Glenn Beck in calling for peaceful demonstration, and separating ourselves from those who simply want a fight. If it resorts to violence America, at this point you will lose.

Instead, call for revolution on the battlefield of ideas, as Rick Perry emphasized at his 2014 CPAC speech. Choose candidates in the primaries who are on the side of the people and genuinely seek to restore liberty. We constantly hear complaints about candidates for elections. Well if you did not participate in the primaries, why are you complaining about who is your candidate?

Get involved in local politics, tell your representatives what you want, and use your voice to call for action. But do so with righteous indignation. Do it for the right reasons. Do it out of love for your country, not out of spite and hate for the government.


2 thoughts on “Violence is NOT the Answer

  1. This may be the right answer for 2014 which is analogous to the colonies requesting the king to respect their rights.

    However, if they come for our guns then it will be more like Lexington Green because that will be the sign that they intend to enforce a tyranny and make us take the finals steps from citizen to serf.

    Armed revolt may be a last resort but it is, in the end, a resort. The timing of that resort may be a personal thing based upon local realities. Certainly, some places are closer than others. In the meantime, by all means stay involved with lesser forms of resistance; hopefully they will be successful.


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