Gosnell Movie: The True-Crime Film that Could Save Lives

th (1)A team of independent filmmakers has launched what might be the most ambitious crowd-funding campaign ever in order to tell a story that was downplayed by the mainstream media.

The makers of the hit documentary “FrackNation” are aiming to raise at least $2.1 million in order to produce a television film about abortion Dr. Kermit Gosnell, who was convicted of the murder of three babies and the involuntary manslaughter of one woman. Gosnell was also convicted of drug charges for illegally writing prescriptions for hundreds of thousands of pills to people that did not need them. His abortion practice and drug dealing business made him a millionaire.

If you haven’t heard of Gosnell, you are not alone, which is why Phelim McAleer, Magdalena Segieda, and Ann McElhinney are making the film which has already raised over $1.1 million. Although the trial occurred at the same time as the Jodi Arias trial, the media chose to make Jodi Arias the household name. 

The story was largely ignored by the mainstream media, initially reported only by local and internet news outlets.

Gosnell ran an abortion clinic in Philadelphia that routinely conducted illegal late-term abortions. According to courtroom testimony, Gosnell frequently delivered babies alive and then “snipped” their spinal cords in order to kill them. The jury only convicted Gosnell of killing three babies, but one nurse said that he witnessed more than a hundred babies killed in this manner. He started working at the clinic in 2003, but Gosnell began his practice in 1972.

dr-gosnells-staff-650x975 (1)Another woman who worked for Gosnell testified that she heard a baby scream before Gosnell snipped its neck. She also said that Gosnell would frequently give patients drugs to induce labor so that they could deliver “specimens” into toilets at the abortion clinic. Another Gosnell worker said “they looked like babies.” 

Gosnell’s “House of Horrors” was not inspected at all for 17 years. Before Gosnell’s arrest, the last time a representative of the Department of Health visited the Philadelphia clinic was in 1993.

The details of the story are horrific, and can be read in the Grand Jury Report. When Gosnell was finally busted for drug dealing, officials found the clinic reeking of urine and walls stained with blood. They later found that Gosnell kept fetal remains in refrigerators, including tiny severed feet in jars.

3801 Lancaster, a documentary about the Gosnell story, features interviews with Gosnell’s former patients, who were left with severe psychological and physical damage after their experience at the abortion clinic.  

Although Gosnell’s crimes are virtually unspeakable, he is not alone in his depravity. Other clinics have been found to be unsanitary and acting unlawfully, raising questions about the oversight of abortion clinics. It should be noted that Gosnell is hardly the first abortionist to be charged with murder.

Following the Gosnell trial, some state legislatures took a closer look at abortion laws. It’s likely that the Gosnell Movie could provoke similar outrage and response from the public and state legislatures.

Actors Kevin Sorbo (God’s Not Dead) and Nick Searcy (Justified) have announced their support for the project in addition to several pro-life advocates.

The project has already broken the pledge record for any film project featured on IndiGoGo, a crowd-funding website akin to Kickstarter. However, the project will need to reach its goal in the next three weeks, or the pledges will be automatically rescinded and the project will receive no funding at all.


3 thoughts on “Gosnell Movie: The True-Crime Film that Could Save Lives

  1. There’s a really good reason why the Left wants this story to stay buried. It specifically indicts them on a practice they went to bat for big time — the practice of stabbing the baby in the back of the neck with scissors during a vaginal delivery. How different, really, was Gosnell’s practice of stabbing the baby in the back of the neck with scissors just after the delivery? If anything, Gosnell’s method was safer for the mother. Gosnell was more honest about what it was he was doing.



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