Mark Levin Decries “Post-Constitutional Period” in NRA Speech

In a speech that has now been shared tens of thousands of times via websites like The Blaze and The Right Scoop, Mark Levin excoriated leftists, Attorney General Eric Holder, former Supreme Court justice John Paul Stevens, and “confused French Republicans,” to name a few.

Levin, an eight-year veteran of the Reagan Administration and the third-most listened to talk radio host in America, was interrupted frequently by enthusiastic applause at Friday’s NRA-ILA Leadership Forum. “This is the safest place on the face of the earth right now,” Levin declared.

Citing John Paul Stevens’ proposed Constitutional amendments, which would effectively nullify the Second Amendment, Levin bellowed, “I have a proposed amendment out there as well that would limit Supreme Court justices to twelve year terms.”

Levin was referring to his recent #1 New York Times bestselling book The Liberty Amendments: Restoring the American Republic, a book that argues that state legislatures should utilize Article V of the Constitution in order to reestablish the Constitutional structure.

“You can tell I’m not running for office,” Levin smirked after implying that leftists had trouble with “third-grade English” in regards to the language of the Second Amendment.

For “his courageous efforts to advance liberty,” Levin was presented with a custom flintlock rifle designed by Marvin Kemper.

“We the people, with our pens and our phones and the Constitution, will not be dictated to by an imperial president,” Levin said, referencing a recent Obama Administration talking point.

President Obama has repeatedly used news of mass shootings to urge lawmakers to implement gun control measures, threatening to take “executive action” if his pleas are ignored.

Levin also mentioned the Fast and Furious scandal to point out the Obama Administration’s own hypocrisy on gun issues. “Unlike our Attorney General Eric Holder, you folks are law-abiding gun owners. We’ve never been involved in selling guns to Mexican drug cartels,” Levin said.

Levin went on to read excerpts from the first ten amendments to the Constitution, known as the Bill of Rights, citing the federal government’s recent widespread violations.

“These unalienable rights, and these Constitutional proclamations, are under relentless and daily assault from the people that the Framers feared the most–politicians and bureaucrats.”

“The entire federal Leviathan has run amok,” Levin said, citing the IRS’s targeting of conservative organizations, the NSA’s mass spying, and EPA regulations. Levin is President of Landmark Legal Foundation, which regularly litigates against the EPA.

“It’s obvious to many of us that we live in a post-Constitutional period,” Levin said. “This has been the objective of the Democrat party for a century. Meanwhile, the other party acts like a bunch of French Republicans, confounded, confused, unsure of what to do.”

Levin has frequently criticized Republican leadership for compromising constitutional principles and marginalizing its own base, calling for a “new Republican party.”

“These are perilous times,” Levin said. “I want the media to know, the President and his party to know, and the French Republicans to know, we’re not going anywhere. This is our country, and we’re staying put.”

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