The Eroding of Our Freedom

Welcome to Obama’s America, where the government apologizes to terror-supporting nations for anti-Muslim YouTube videos and where people’s opinions expressed privately can cause them to be sanctioned.

No, I do not agree with Donald Sterling or with how Cliven Bundy expressed his opinions. I just believe that part of freedom and the constitutional way is freedom of speech; once people are punished for their opinions, a free nation is, in the words of Coach Mark Cuban, “heading down a slippery slope.”

I speak, of course, about the Sterling scandal and the reaction to comments from Cliven Bundy. As many have pointed out, the left frequently seeks to silence views they deem offensive and this administration has been at the forefront of that. In fact, Obama yet again condemned America from a foreign country; in this case Malaysia.

While Sterling has hardly exemplified good behavior in any which way over the years, the fact that comments he made in private which were non-violent in nature were recorded and used against him has set a very troublesome precedent in terms of erosion of freedom of speech at the hands of the extreme PC left wing thought police.

Furthermore, where do we draw the line some leftists, including the current president, have made offensive and condescending remarks aimed at rural White people think “bitter clinger?” So called Black civil rights leaders and race hustlers Jesse Jackson and Louis Farrakhan have made anti-Semitic and anti-White remarks in the past, yet are still given legitimacy by the main stream media and left wing politicians. In such a strict PC culture why are Black people, Muslims and Gays given preferential treatment to everyone else and why are liberals allowed to refer to conservative Blacks with offensive language?

The answer is that the dialogue the left frequently wants to have about race in America is one sides and bigoted towards those who hold unpopular views. This should be concerning to all freedom minded Americans and those who cherish their liberties. We do not have to support those who hold views we disagree with. But it is un-American to seek to silence speech which is unpopular, and is contrary to the spirit of America’s founding documents.

Views expressed are not put forth or endorsed by Red Millennial. 


One thought on “The Eroding of Our Freedom

  1. Anybody can be given a platform by those intending to use it as a gallows. The only reason the press bothered nationally broadcasting the views of a small time rancher in NV is because they wanted him to lose his contest with the government over his land, not because they thought his views were relevant.

    The leftist government, and their lapdog press have found that being able to tell people to shut up is very addicting. You don’t need to win an argument then; you just label and discredit your opponent and tell them to be quiet. Anyone who supports them is labeled and discredited by association. It is just another reason why they are so adamant about controlling the means of resistance to tyranny. They don’t believe in ideas or debate…sounds too much like freedom. Valery Jarret said that her idol was Mao; they guy who killed 60 million unarmed citizens who disagreed with him.

    Great that, being able to silence the opposition because they can’t defend themselves. You opinion will mean nothing because you will mean nothing…not get to work serf, the party leaders are hungry.


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