Racism: I Don’t Think It Means What They Think It Means

you keep using that word

Racism has become an everyday word in today’s America. So many things these days are called racist to the point where one can barely go one day without hearing the word “racism” or “racist” yelled out. Merriam-Webster’s Dictionary defines racism as “a belief that race is the primary determinant of human traits and capacities and that racial differences produce an inherent superiority of a particular race.” It also means saying a blanket statement that applies to only one race.

An example of this would be Oprah Winfrey claiming all white people are inherently racist. This statement in itself is a very racist statement, because it implies that all white people are racist. When confronted with potential voter ID law proposals, senior leadership within this country claim it was racist to expect minorities to get a photo ID to vote, when in reality it is racist to think that a minority does not have the ability get a photo ID.

The term racist is now just another way for the government to oppress the minority. Here are some recent examples of the word racist being used in the wrong way. John Boehner said that he did not like Mexican food on Cinco de Mayo. The response from Liberals: “he is a racist!”

Since when is it racist to not like a certain nationality’s food? Another recent story is the owner of the Los Angeles clippers saying a racist comment that was taken out of context. What was the response of a former NBA player? A former NBA player was quoted as saying, “The NBA should be all black, because white people are racist.”

Tell me, how is that statement not racist in itself. The word racist has even been used in arguments. I was in an argument with someone, and I was using facts and logic, and when they couldn’t successfully debate me, they called me a racist.

Another quote from Oprah Winfrey, one of the richest, most privileged black women in the world, “The only way for racism to stop is for racists to die out.” Maybe she needs to look in the mirror next time she says the word racist.

Now let’s talk about crime. We all remember the Trayvon Martin incident of 2012-13. When an African American teenager without provocation, smashed George Zimmerman’s head into the concrete repeatedly, at which point Zimmerman brandished a legally owned firearm and used his Second Amendment right to defend himself. All the race baiters shouted out “RACISM!”

They branded it a white on black hate crime, when George Zimmerman was actually more Hispanic than he was white.

And we can’t forget about the “knockout” game. This “game” was predominantly played by African American males who would walk up on unsuspecting generally White victims and punch them in the back of the head in an effort to knock them out; but there was not cry of racism, no hate crime charges, and no media outcry, even when many of these resulted in the death or serious brain injury of the victim.

However, when a young white kid plays the knockout game on a black man, the media outcry was almost immediate, and hate crime charges were filed against the white kid. This demonstrates a double standard. A hate crime is a hate crime, no matter who commits it and whatever race of the victim.

A few days ago I read an article that really struck a nerve. Apparently, waving the American flag is now a symbol of racism and oppression. Francis Scott Key would be turning in his grave if he heard this, as he personally saw the flag waving over Fort McHenry when he wrote the Star Spangled Banner. Since when is it racist to fly an American flag or wear an American flag shirt to school…

In America!

What’s even worse is that it is apparently racist to do this because it offends the Hispanic community, a lot of whom are here illegally. Yet they can fly the Mexican flag wherever and whenever. The Star Spangled Banner is a symbol of freedom and of the sacrifices of those who gave their lives so that these people can wave a Mexican flag over an American flag.

Once again, in America!

Racism goes deeper than anyone can ever imagine. Making it easier for minorities to get welfare, food stamps, and free health care is racism at its finest. It is racist to think that a person of color or a minority cannot get a job, and to imply that without government assistance, they would not be able to survive.

We need to train and teach minorities the value of work and teach them valuable job skills, not simply just hand them money. We need to teach them how to rely on themselves and become independent and productive citizens of this great nation. This is one of the strongest ways to combat the spirit of false racism in this country.

Racism will not die out while there are still people who still use the word every time they get offended or feel they are wronged. It will also never die out as long as people use racism as a crutch or defense against a valid argument, or when they don’t get their way. Until people see Al Sharpton, Oprah Winfrey, Jay-Z, Jesse Jackson, and all others in this category for the race baiters they are, false racism will continue to grow and become a larger issue that it already is.

Views expressed are not put forth or endorsed by Red Millennial.


2 thoughts on “Racism: I Don’t Think It Means What They Think It Means

  1. some people seem to think its ok to insult White Americans but just not Muslims, isn’t it prejudice to treat Muslims or Blacks better then how the media and liberals treat White Americans?


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