Review: Former Secret Service Agent Exposes ‘Life Inside the Bubble’


Dan Bongino burst onto the national scene in 2011 when he resigned his post as a top Secret Service agent and publicly opposed the very President he had previously been tasked with protecting.

His book, Life Inside the Bubble: Why a Top-Ranked Secret Service Agent Walked Away from it Allis a concise yet eye-opening look at both the life of Bongino as well as his experiences within the D.C. “bubble.” His life story, told with brutal honesty and compelling prose, is one of hardship and ultimate triumph. As a Secret Service agent under Presidents Clinton, Bush, and Obama, Bongino has unique insight into the workings of Washington from an outsider’s perspective, and he is especially critical of President Obama’s administration.

In his book Bongino confirms what many have suspected of the current administration, and he details the events that led him to walk away from a corrupt bureaucracy.

Bongino reveals that “the Obama White House staff lived in a utopian bubble devoid of any acknowledgment of real-world consequences. They spoke of policies in an idealistic way, rather than how to apply legislative solutions to the real world. When a policy not only failed to produce the desired result but in some cases produced the exact opposite result, it was ignored.”

The same is true of Obamacare, writes Bongino. “As health care costs continue to rise in excess of inflation and more and more doctors leave the field of medicine or refuse to take on any more government-sponsored cases, the administration looks on with a blind eye, seemingly proud of its good intentions yet complete lack of results.”

Regarding the Secret Service-prostitute scandal that made national headlines, Bongino, while acknowledging the foolish wrongdoing committed by the agents, notes “I felt the president’s harsh comments were inappropriate. He failed to acknowledge that this was a pattern of behavior that was not uncommon among his own staff members within the White House and other departments in the government.”

Bongino made headlines again when he slammed the Obama Administration’s claim that the controversy surrounding the attacks on the American consulate in Benghaz was a phony scandal. “Phony scandals don’t come home in body bags,” Bongino said.

His international security expertise, observations of political operators, and knowledge of government machinery is especially relevant in a chapter dedicated to analyzing the attack on our consulate in Benghazi, Libya that occurred on September 11, 2012.

“Based on the accounts of a number of contacts I have spoken to,” he writes, “the military unit that was initially activated to rescue the Benghazi victims was instructed to stand down.”

With his unique perspective, Bongino effectively deconstructs the Fast and Furious debacle as well as the government’s missteps regarding the Boston Marathon bombing.

“Having lived inside the bubble, I have seen for myself how our government has grow to such a point where decision makers can take credit for politically beneficial outcomes and hide behind the false facade of ‘the bureaucracy’ when scandal and tragedy strike.”

Now, Bongino is running for a Congressional seat in Maryland with a deep desire to fight and reform the bureaucracy that so frustrated him as a Secret Service agent.

“We must ask ourselves if we want a limited, smaller government that performs a small number of tasks well, or an expansive government that performs a large portfolio of tasks poorly.”

Bongino has repeatedly criticized “sellouts” in both parties, encouraging his supporters to become “Renegade Republicans” that stand for liberty instead of party politics.

“A growing government has led to a more callous, detached government, where the diffusion of responsibility throughout the exploding legions of new bureaucrats has led to bad decision making.”

Life Inside the Bubble is an inspiring story of a boy born into poverty and an abusive, broken home life who became a man who rose above his past to become the best in his field. Bongino’s story is a truly American story, and there is little doubt he will bring his strong work ethic and outsider’s perspective to the Washington bubble that desperately needs more liberty-loving Renegade Republicans.


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