Peter King Mulls Kamikaze Presidential Run to Sabotage Rand Paul, Ted Cruz

Is this guy serious?

Rep. Peter King (R-NY) has made it known on multiple occasions that he is no fan of conservative Senators Ted Cruz and Rand Paul. Now he’s threatening to declare all-out war on them, or something.

King, who on occasion has intimated that he is mulling a presidential bid, says that he may throw his hat in the 2016 ring just to spite the aforementioned Senators.

I’m looking at this because I see people like Rand Paul and Ted Cruz, and…I don’t want the Republican party going in that direction,” King said in a recent appearance on CNN.

King was especially critical of Ted Cruz and Rand Paul during the “Defund Obamacare” campaign, arguing that Republicans should wait until after Obamacare was implemented to fight the law. Since that time, about 6 million Americans have seen their health insurance plans canceled due to the unpopular law, which has yet to be fully implemented thanks to the Obama Administration’s unlawful delays of certain provisions. 

Rand-Paul-Ted-CruzRand Paul recently emerged as the surprising frontrunner to win the Republican nomination, while Ted Cruz is rumored to be looking into a presidential campaign as well. 

Both Senators have strong support among conservatives and libertarians due to their principled stands against Obamacare and the NSA’s mass surveillance programs. Rand Paul has also taken issue with the use of drone warfare in the War on Terror, which has resulted in the deaths of several Americans.

If King does indeed run for President, the only thing he will succeed at will be making a fool of himself. He’ll be the clown candidate (see 2012’s Jon Huntsman), a buffoonish troll, a laughable jester, and a pesky trifle for truly principled men like Rand Paul and Ted Cruz to ignore while trying to hide their smirks of amusement.

Peter King recently launched a PAC to combat the Tea Party, reiterating that he thinks Rand Paul and Ted Cruz are “out-of-touch with the American people.” However untrue that may be, it’s becoming painfully clear that Peter King is simply out-of-touch with reality. 


3 thoughts on “Peter King Mulls Kamikaze Presidential Run to Sabotage Rand Paul, Ted Cruz

  1. Ted Cruz combines the best of both the security and strong foreign policy along with the spirit of liberty and grassroots conservatism.


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