Affordable College: A Cause to get Behind

It is no secret that over the past few decades, the cost of attending College in America has increased drastically to the point where middle class Americans have no choice but to borrow inordinate sums of money if they want to finish their education. This is saddling millennials with debt that they will spend much of their lives paying off. This fact is made even more pertinent to the national political discussion upon the recent revelation that the Class of 2014 is the most indebted graduating class ever.

According to the Wall Street Journal “The average Class of 2014 graduate with student-loan debt has to pay back some $33,000…Even after adjusting for inflation that’s nearly double the amount borrowers had to pay back 20 years ago.”

These high costs don’t have to be the case, recently the College Republican National Committee highlighted initiatives taken by former Gov. Mitch Daniels who is now President of Perdue University in a blog post detailing how he has approached running the school like a business, cutting blatantly unnecessary expenses and increasing other non-student revenue streams.

Similarly, Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker has implemented a freeze on state school tuition for the last two years that even his Democratic opponent and liberal students seem supportive of.

Upon examination of these rising costs, it is clear that conservative lawmakers should champion lower tuition. Not only is it right to implement fiscal sanity and lower the number of indebted graduates, but it can be a winning cause for a Republican Party looking for an issue they can engage young voters with.


2 thoughts on “Affordable College: A Cause to get Behind

  1. Federal Lawmakers need to step away from education altogether. Government funding of indoctrinational institutions is why the cost is so high anyway. Why look at cost cutting measures then the tax payer is on tap for your new and shinny buildings? Why keep tuition low when the government will back those loans? Why should I take responsibility for my institution when a lawmaker will fix whatever mess I make?

    If they want to do anything then freeze and eliminate government involvement in colleges. They have become bloated inefficient institutions who produce little in actual education. Most of the state schools leave the teaching to other students while the ‘professors’, write books, do trendy research, and clamor for more funding.

    The colleges could start moving in a sane direction by eliminating the host of useless degrees meant to do nothing provide a self congratulatory society for the radical and pointless. If there is not a clear job path outside college, or founded in actual history and culture (not this faux graffiti based profanity and excrement laced tripe meant to degrade society), then it is a waste of time and money to teach it. The schools will actually understand that when people stop paying for it, and they will not stop paying for it when parents can send their children there for an education they don’t have to pay for and results the responsibility for which they can rely upon the government to fix.


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