Leaving a Marine Behind

This situation is far from atrocious, outrageous, or despicable. In fact, there are simply not even the words to describe what this situation is (at least none that I should write for the public).

U.S. Marine Corps (or corpse, as our oh-so competent Commander in Chief says) Sgt. Andrew Tahmooressi has been held in a Mexican prison for 53 days and counting. All for having guns in his car at the Mexican border after an honest mistake on the confusing tangle of roadways near the border crossing.

Tahmooressi called 911 asking for help, not sure if he was still in the U.S. or had entered Mexico. He was surrounded by 20 military men and taken into a notorious Mexican prison, ripe with corruption and danger. Keep in mind that Tahmooressi has post traumatic stress after he served 2 tours in Afghanistan.

Not only was he taken prisoner, he was chained spread eagle for 35 days after escaping from his dangerous cell block to save his own life, according to an account from his mother. He now faces 6 to 21 years in prison.

Tahmooressi’s situation is part of a larger problem in the relations between Mexico and the United States, with the Fast and Furious operation being a major part of those strained relations. Former Ambassador John Bolton suggested that Tahmooressi could be used as a “bargaining chip” by the Mexican government. Gun related charges are one of the most common reasons for detention of American citizens by the Mexican government.

free tahmooressiSo, what has our enlightened leader done for him?

Nil. Zero. Nothing.

Not even anything from Secretary of State John Kerry or the State Department at large! This is an absolute disgrace to the entire armed forces, and to Americans at large, and it reveals the utter attitude of disdain this administration has for American soldiers and citizens.

The American people have not forgotten about Sgt. Tahmooressi though, no matter how much incompetence, arrogance, and contempt he shows.

A petition on the White House website has gathered 62,000 signatures out of 100,000 needed for a required official response from the White House.

Will President Obama and the John Kerry address this issue as they should? With enough outcry from Americans abroad, maybe they will, but only reluctantly in all likelihood.

Just consider this, the administration left an ambassador alone during a terrorist attack, left an American citizen in an Iranian prison, and now is leaving behind one of those under his command in the armed forces.

Do you think he would do any different for you or me if we were in a similar situation? My bet’s a no.


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