Elliot Rodger’s Deeply Disturbing State of Mind

Elliot Rodger was a deeply disturbed 22 year old. He vented his sexual frustrations at women, whom were seemingly less than objects in his view who did not deserve to choose who to mate and breed with.

Rodger posted about his “unfair” life, revealing the disturbing state of mind that he was in.

“I take my usual walk at the golf course, while I explain how unfair my life has been” (description of the video).

Watch below:

Rodger expressed particular distress about how “girls hate [him] so much.”

His “Retribution” video reveals his plans to “force you to suffer.”

CNN published a transcript of the video. Read it here.

This was a case of mental illness gone awry, as we have seen all too often in recent decades. There is a serious problem with mental health in America, particularly the de-institutionalization of those who are mentally ill, as David Kopel (firearms scholar) writes in the Wall Street Journal.

Make no mistake, the cry for gun control will be coming again. But are guns themselves really the root of the problem?

We don’t need to go into too much detail on that, as the debate has plenty of other places where such arguments have been published. But remember that Rodger also stabbed 3 of his victims rather than shooting them.

Calls for knife control? Nope.

Calls for gun control? You know it.

Only time will tell if the debate will shift from non sentient objects to the real issue of mental health. My guess is a no, as such tragedies tend to be exploited for political agendas, which is another tragedy in and of it self.

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