The Islamist Savagery Continues

Yet again, Israel’s so called “peace partners” reveal their true colors. Sadly in the Islamic world the young are being trained in savage terrorism as shown in this article from TheBlaze.

Someone should tell Secretary of State John Kerry and President Obama to stop wasting their time pressuring Israel while the Islamists reload and train their people for jihad against the West.

While we are at it, why not cut off aid to the Palestinian Authority who is now in an agreement with the savage group Hamas seen in this link?

Yes, I know it might be asking too much of Obama who viewed the Muslim Brotherhood regime in Egypt as a moderate group to actually embrace a consistent foreign policy. But, hey, maybe some of us don’t want tax payer money going to third-world weapons training.

Apparently Attorney General Holder and President Obama don’t believe Islamists need gun control; only American patriots. Either way we see again how some cultures and ideologies are clearly inferior to others. Admitting that would be too much to ask of the left, but maybe they can stop sending tax payer money to Islamists and genocidal Arabs and instead use that money to boost our economy at home.

But who were the ones calling for common sense policies again?

Views expressed are not put forth or endorsed by Red Millennial.


3 thoughts on “The Islamist Savagery Continues

  1. Feel free to sound off on whether or not it’s time to stop sending tax payer money to The PLO and or other Islamist/Pan Arab supremacists?

    1. It is time to start financing our own protection instead of sending arms and mega bucks to the terrorists.

  2. time for the mainstream media to stop white washing and excusing the threat of Islamism. the far left and the Islamists are united in their anti White hate and their disdain for America.


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