Islamists Looking to Attempt Mainland Attack

On the heels of the arrest of an Islamist in France returning from Al Qaeda in Syria comes news of an Islamist from Yemen arrested in America for trying to wage jihad on the United States mainland. While Obama appeases The Taliban, sends money to a PLO/Hamas terror government and makes nice with the ayatollahs the Islamist conquest of the West continues.

For though they may lived in different countries, they are not here to live peacefully but rather to wage war on the societies in which they live. They are radical Islamists and no matter how many times Obama or the left say they are a tiny minority, the fact is many people in places like Yemen and Pakistan are Islamist and believe in the use of terrorism to achieve a worldwide Islamic state.

This man arrested was not born in the United States, but in Yemen. This points to yet another example why a prudent policy for the safety of Americans would be to end immigration from terror hotbeds like Iran, Syria and Yemen.

In addition, American Muslims fighting in Syria like the one from Florida who recently blew himself up over there should not be allowed back into America. This country is not a dumping ground. It’s a land of freedom and kindness, not of colonialism and racism like Obama and his leftist ilk like to think of it. Immigrating to America is not a right of all and as such should be denied to people who are fundamentally at war with the West.

This is the main way to keep America safe. Although Obama and the leftists would rather negotiate with terrorists or outsource American safety to UN resolutions, these are simply illogical policies.

Though people frequently argue terrorism is an overblown threat, the recent attack in Belgium and the arrest here in America suggest that Al Qaeda is be back and threatening Western countries. In addition, Islamists are found throughout the world and are united in their hate and violent tendencies. The West should decide: do we continue a policy of appeasement and open borders, or do we seal the borders, end Islamic immigration and cease sending money to Islamist regimes and groups. Predictably, jihadist front groups like CAIR would be upset our nation would be more secure and our society more free.


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