Conservative Leaders Unite Behind Convention of States Movement

When conservative author and talk show host Mark Levin launched his ambitious project to restore America, it reenergized a nationwide movement that is working to utilize a little-known constitutional provision in order to restrain the federal government.

16688052571_547dbc2c9c_bSince the release of Levin’s book, six state legislatures (Alaska, Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Indiana, and Tennessee) have passed resolutions that apply for an Article V convention of states to craft constitutional reforms that would “impose fiscal restraints on the Federal Government, limit the power and jurisdiction of the Federal Government, and limit the terms of office for federal officials and members of Congress.” That language was drafted by Convention of States Project which Levin has endorsed.

The Convention of States movement has since garnered widespread support from a host of notable conservative figures.

Gov. Greg Abbott

The Texas Governor called upon the Texas state legislature to pass a resolution calling for a Convention of States that would rein in the power of the federal government and restore power to the states. Abbott also unveiled his Texas Plan, which includes an agenda for the future convention and nine ideas for constitutional reforms.

Glenn Beck

Upon the release of Levin’s #1 bestseller, Glenn Beck reportedly sought to end a long-standing rivalry between the two hosts. Levin then went on Beck’s program in order to talk about the Article V convention process, which Beck was eager to learn more about.

76822_579177362129355_1100085713_nLevin declared on his own radio program that the state of the nation is too dire for he and Beck to continue to clash. Beck has since become an outspoken supporter of Convention of States Project.

“This is the only way back,” he told his listeners, brandishing Levin’s book on his video broadcast.

Sen. Marco Rubio

The Florida Senator endorsed Convention of States Project, because it’s “the only way” to achieve term limits and a balanced budget.

“As President,” said Rubio, “I will put the weight of the presidency behind a constitutional convention of states so we can pass term limits on members of Congress and the Supreme Court and so we can get get a balanced budget.”

maxresdefault (2)Thomas Sowell

The economist and conservative thinker Thomas Sowell penned an op-ed, musing about why leftists are nervous about the Convention of States movement. He defended the Article V process as a way to restore power to the people.

Sen. Rand Paul 

Paul has told the Kentucky state legislature that they should write the rules for a future Article V convention.

In his new book Taking a Stand, Paul expresses support for a convention of states for term limits and a balanced budget amendment. He writes, “The second way (to get a constitutional amendment), which has never been used, is when two-thirds of the state legislatures call for an Article V convention, which deliberates and passes the amendment. It then must pass by a three-fourths majority of the state legislatures.” Paul speculates that Congress would be forced to step up if an Article V convention were called.

561585_10151825970203588_556656358_nSarah Palin 

Palin posted a photo to her Facebook page of herself holding a copy of The Liberty Amendments with a caption that read, “It offers a real solution and way forward to restoring our republic. Please get this book, read it, and let’s make it happen!”

Palin, who has become an anti-establishment and Tea Party figure, recently told Eric Bolling, “On the state level, I think it’s very important that we find candidates who would be willing to call a convention of states if need be, because that is the tool that the people have to reign in government.”

Gov. Bobby Jindal Bobby-Jindal-what-ap

Jindal said that an “Article V constitutional convention” is the answer to the federal government’s overspending, specifically a balanced budget amendment. He also mentioned term limits, a provision requiring a supermajority of Congress in order to raise taxes, and an amendment that would make Congress part-time. Governor Jindal formally announced his support for the movement on November 11, 2014:

“The federal government has clearly grown far beyond the size and scope that the Founders ever envisioned.  Over-spending, excessive regulatory overreach, and disdain for individual liberty all run rampant in Washington D.C.  Luckily, the Founders gave us a mechanism to reform a runaway federal government in Article V of the Constitution.  We can — and we must — scale back the monstrosity that our federal government has become.  For this reason, I support the Convention of States project efforts to call an Article V convention to propose amendments to restrain the size of the federal government.”

Tom Coburn 2Tom Coburn quit the Senate, because “it’s time for me to do something else.” That something else is promoting the Article V convention process.

“I’m going to be involved with the Convention of States. I’m going to try to motivate so that that happens. I think that’s the only answer,” Coburn said. “Washington isn’t going to fix itself. We need a balanced budget amendment, we need term limits, we need the oversight capability to limit the bureaucracy in terms of its impact on the private sector . . . We need to have that discussion. And I want to tell you, the country’s tuned for it.”

Coburn has subsequently become one of the most prominent spokespersons for Convention of States Project, appearing on MSNBC, FoxNews, and various local news outlets even while fighting Stage 4 cancer.

Herman CainHerman-Cain-1 penned an op-ed in support of the process.

“If you’re frustrated by the refusal of Congress to stop its fiscal insanity – and how could you not be? – it’s time to start realizing that the Constitution gives states and the people more power over Congress than most realize. And right now there is an effort called the Article V Initiative that would wield and deploy that power.”

CuccinelliKen Cuccinelli 

The former Attorney General of Virginia recently endorsed the movement, encouraging Virginia legislators to adopt the resolution.

“We can continue to idly watch the Supreme Court and the federal government eat away at the constitutional foundation of this country, or the states that founded it can make an effort to limit the runaway growth in the power of the federal government. Frankly, I don’t see – nor has anyone suggested to me – a viable alternative to the convention of states.”

Ted_CruzSen. Ted Cruz immediately declared his support for The Liberty Amendments upon its release, posting a link on his Facebook page. Cruz wrote, “Mark’s book sparks an important discussion about how to fix the problems that face our Republic…” During Cruz’s 21-hour filibuster of Obamacare, a copy of Levin’s book was seen in a stack of his reading materials.

RushRush Limbaugh

The talk radio giant Rush Limbaugh has lent his support for the movement. Limbaugh stated in a recent monologue:

“If Washington will not reform itself, if Washington will not employ the techniques built into the Constitution to preserve the Constitution, Article V provides a mechanism for the states to do it.”

He also told a caller:

“There is a recipe, there’s a formula, there’s a prescription in the Constitution for addressing the problems we have today and fixing them. And it involves the states. In our Constitution, the states, particularly banded together, have far more power than the federal government, and the people, and it’s going to have to happen. This is gonna be resisted by the current ruling class. They’re not gonna want any part of this. So it’s gonna have to effervesce from the grassroots up.”

Michelle Malkin was asked about the movement during a recent question-and-answer session. She said, “I love the idea of an Article V convention.” Malkin also said that the movement could have a positive effect as “an act of civic education” so that people would learn more about the Constitution. “Two thumbs up,” she concluded.

Sen. Mike LeeSenators on Afghanistan recently told attendees of a dinner that he has read The Liberty Amendments not once, but three times. He stated that there is a great danger of not pursuing a convention. “I support it,” Lee said.


Sean Hannity 

Hannity formally announced his endorsement for Convention of States Project March 23rd on his radio program while interviewing Tom Coburn .

Hannity, who nicknamed Mark Levin “The Great One,” was so supportive of The Liberty Amendments that he devoted an entire hour of his television show to the topic, inviting a panel of conservative figures to ask Levin questions about specific amendments. Those on the panel who explicitly expressed support  for the process include Michelle Malkin, Jenny Beth Martin of Tea Party Patriots, and David Limbaugh.

“For all those people who say, ‘What can we do?’ This is the answer,” said Hannity.

allen-west_vert-b6f38e437a35c5ce900158b6f429d264d8652da2-s6-c30Col. Allen West

“Thank goodness the founders had the wisdom to provide us with Article V of the Constitution, which gives us the right and power to hold an Amending Convention for the purpose of proposing amendments to restrain the scope and power of the federal government . . . Under the system of federalism, I support the efforts to gather a constitutional Convention of States consistent with Article V and honoring the 10th Amendment.”

Read more via Convention of States Project. West also penned an op-ed in support of the process:

“The convening of an Article V convention is a viable tool for the states and the people, to ensure they accept and stand up for Franklin’s challenge – a Republic, if we can keep it.”

huckabeeGov. Mike Huckabee

“The Framers gave us a structure to allow the states to unilaterally impose proper controls on the federal government when it overruns the boundaries they had established.  Article V allows for a Convention of States for this very purpose.  The states can meet in official session to draft amendments to the Constitution that require fiscal restraint and other limitations on federal power.  My longtime friend, Michael Farris—who is an excellent constitutional litigator and professor—has joined with Mark Meckler and Citizens for Self-Governance to actually bring this idea into reality.  I have reviewed their plan and it is both innovative and realistic.

I urge you to join me in supporting the Convention of States Project with Citizens for Self-Governance.”

calthomasconvoCal Thomas

“Americans who care about the health and future of their country have the power through the states to force the federal government to abide by its founding document. Mark Levin’s book is a serious work that can serve as an action plan for curing what ails us.”

Full review.

David_Limbaugh_12David Limbaugh

Upon hearing about Levin’s book, Limbaugh actually penned a piece opposing the process. However, after becoming more educated on the Article V process, he is now an enthusiastic supporter. He wrote not one but two op-eds encouraging readers to pursue a convention of states.

“Mark Levin is calling on us to take corrective steps — through a process anticipated and expressly sanctioned by the Framers, no less — to restore our system and reinvigorate our liberties. Let’s pray his effort becomes an inexorable movement that sweeps the nation like the Great Awakening.”

bs-md-sixth-district-primary-20131129-001Dan Bongino

In the wake of recent Supreme Court rulings, Bongino expressed support for an Article V convention of states to address federal overreach on an episode of his podcast. “I cannot advocate strongly enough for the constitutional convention process,” he said, heaping praise on Mark Levin’s Liberty Amendments. “We need restraints on the judiciary, executive, term limits…” Bongino said.

In a recent op-ed Bongino wrote: “It is time to fully embrace an Article V Convention of the States to reestablish the powers of the states and re-impose clear limits on the growing federal monolith.”

john_kasich-620x412Gov. John Kasich

Kasich has reiterated his support for an Article V convention for the purpose of proposing a balanced budget amendment, although he thinks that Congress will beat the states to the punch if enough states pass similar resolutions. “If 34 states can get there and say ‘we want a federally balanced budget and we want that in our Constitution,’ something will happen.”

Gov. Mike PenceMike Pence

Pence recently signed Article V legislation that was passed by the Indiana state legislature, indicating his support. Under Article V, approval by a Governor is not required for the resolution to be valid.

300px-Ron_Johnson,_official_portrait,_112th_CongressSen. Ron Johnson

“I am a big supporter of what Mike [Farris] is proposing here: the Convention of States.  This problem is not going to be solved in Washington D.C. It’s got to be solved by We the People.  We’ve got to take the power back.  I can’t think of a better way of doing it, because Washington is not going to give up power.”

tom-marino-1be23c868ae49a25Rep. Tom Marino

Marino recently spoke in favor of an Article V convention, and he mentioned three specific amendments he would like to see passed: term limits, an amendment limiting Congress to single-subject legislation, as well as an amendment that would force a vote on all bills passed out of committee.

bildeRep. Todd Rokita

“Presently, a constitutional convention of the states is one of the best remedies that can restore the vision our founders had for our great Republic.” 


Tom TancredoTomTancredoKDVR

“Instead of praying for another Ronald Reagan on a white horse, we should pick up and use the tools at hand. Let’s begin by using the constitutional amendment process allowed in Article V of the U.S. Constitution. The Article V Convention offers the hope for a reversal of our present downward spiral. Let’s get busy.”

Read more.

In addition to contemporary political leaders, several historical figures have expressed support for the Article V convention process. 

PortraitRonald Reagan

When a balanced budget amendment stalled in Congress during Reagan’s presidency, he implored the American people to make the case to their state legislatures. It almost worked. Thirty-two states passed resolutions, two short of the number needed for an Article V convention. In a letter, Reagan wrote:

“We must rely on the states to force Congress to act on our amendment. Our Nation’s Founders gave us the means to amend the Constitution through action of state legislators. That is the only strategy that will work.”

Milton Friedmanmilton-friedman

Friedman was also an ardent advocate the Article V convention process, even penning several proposed Constitutional amendments that would unleash economic growth and expand liberty in his book Free to Choose.

“The recent movement to call a convention to propose amendments…has sown consternation in Washington–precisely because it is the one device that can effectively bypass the Washington bureaucracy.”

veteran-day-fact-Dwight-D-EisenhowerDwight D. Eisenhower 

President Eisenhower floated the idea of a constitutional amendment to impose Congressional term limits, but knew he that such an amendment would never be passed by Congress itself.

“A (constitutional) amendment (for congressional term limits) could never achieve the blessing of Congress. It could be initiated only by the states.”

th (3)James Madison

Although James Madison had his initial concerns about the potential logistical issues of a convention of states, he ultimately expressed his support for the principle of such a process. (Article V was adopted unanimously by the delegates to the Philadelphia constitutional convention). In a letter, Madison wrote:

“Should the provisions of the Constitution…be found not to secure the government and rights of the states, against usurpation and abuses on the part of the United States, the final resort within the purview of the Constitution, lies in an amendment of the Constitution, according to a process applicable by the states.”

Alexander HamiltonAlexander-Hamilton

In Federalist 85 Alexander Hamilton writes extensively about Article V, stating flatly:

“We may safely rely on the disposition of the State legislatures to erect barriers against the encroachments of the national authority.”


th (4)George Mason

Madison’s notes on the constitutional convention reveal that Col. George Mason, the other “Father of the Bill of Rights,” stood in opposition to an early draft of Article V that omitted any process by which states could propose constitutional amendments. Mason gave a passionate speech, arguing it was necessary for the states to have recourse “if the Government should become oppressive.” The initial draft only permitted Congress to propose amendments. In his notes, Madison records that as a result of Mason’s concerns, “Mr. Morris & Mr. Gerry moved to amend the article so as the require a Convention on application of 2/3 of the Sts.”

It seems that the Framers anticipated the rise of an overreaching federal government in America, and so they constructed Article V as recourse, a powerful weapon with which the states can fight back. This strategy combines the spirit of the Constitution with the authority of the states.

In The Liberty Amendments: Restoring the American RepublicLevin makes the case that state legislatures should pursue an Article V convention in order to achieve amendments that would limit the federal government and restore power to the states and to the American people. His amendments include Congressional and judicial term limits, a balanced budget amendment, spending and taxation limits, clarifying language regarding the Commerce Clause and General Welfare Clause, and amendments that would grant the states the ability to collectively override costly federal regulations, Supreme Court rulings, and laws passed by Congress.

Levin’s strategy would take advantage of the political climate on the state legislature level, which is trending Republican. Although the movement is not meant to be partisan in nature, Republican legislators have been much more open to the prospect of a convention that would limit the power of the federal government. Republicans currently have majorities in 27 state legislatures, while seven legislatures are split. Republicans are expected to make gains in legislatures across the nation in this year’s cycle.

Recent polling indicates that about 75 percent of all American support an amendment to establish Congressional term limits as well as a balanced budget amendment.

With an Article V Convention of States, Americans can bypass a Congress that is incapable of addressing the real issues that threaten prosperity and liberty. An Article V convention would bring real change to Washington, break up the ruling class, restore fiscal sanity to the federal government, and reestablish the liberating Constitutional structure that the Framers envisioned.


22 thoughts on “Conservative Leaders Unite Behind Convention of States Movement

    1. An Article 5 convention of states is a very dangerous proposal, it opens up the constitution to amendments which in itself is a serious danger. Let me explain, article 5 convention changes the constitution and can affect the bill of rights (you know the first 10 amendments to the constitution) that would mean said ten amendments can be changed they can changes anything the want the 2nd amendment is one in particular they (the liberals) would have their eye on and the spineless republicans in their hast to “compromise would bend and possible alter our right to carry or much more even own a weapon (gun) for self defense! You really want that possibility?

      1. 1) Under this resolution, such amendments would not be germane and thus not even discussed. 2) State legislators are not interested in touching the Bill of Rights, they are exclusively talking about balanced budget term limits and other limits on the federal government. 3) Republicans control 31 states and have majorities in 69 of the 99 chambers. There is zero chance an attack on the 2nd amendment gains attraction since it would need only 13 of the 99 chambers to do nothing for this hypothetical, crazy amendment you imagine to fail, and it would need 76 chambers to be ratified. Quite simply, it’s not going to happen. It’s this same type of fear that made an Article V convention for a balanced budget amendment come 2 states short in 1984, and now we have $200 trillion in unfunded liabilities today. This provision was expressly put in the Constitution so that the states would have recourse against a runaway federal government, and it’s time to use it.

  1. Great article. Red Millennial has the BEST articles on Convention of States. I can’t wait for your coverage of the upcoming Mt. Vernon Assembly.

    I linked to this article at & made it a sticky post at .

    The article got a lot of exposure, and generated some conversation.

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  3. At the constitutional convention in 1787, Madison warned against requiring a convention in order to enable the states to initiate amendment proposals, explaining that it would be unworkable. History has proven him right on this as on so many other things. Leaving aside the concerns about a “runaway” convention, there are very real practical political reasons why an Article V convention has never been held, and why there never will be one. If the convention is limited to a particular conservative purpose, such as restricting the power of the federal government, Democrats will not support it and you will never reach the two-thirds state requirement. If it is open-ended as to purpose, conservative Republicans should not support it, because it will just turn into a media circus for liberal law professor delegates to put forward even more radical changes to the Constitution than have been perpetuated by the Supreme Court.

    However, we do not have to give up on the clear intention of the Framers that states should have the same power to initiate amendment proposals as Congress has. The solution is an “amendment amendment” to empower the states to initiate an amendment without having to go through the archaic and unworkable mechanism of a convention. A version of such an amendment reform is one of Mark Levin’s Liberty Amendments. Another version and the arguments for such a reform can be found at

    1. Congress does everything it can to derail,postpone, and /or generally make it as hard as possible to hold this kind of convention in order to concentrate their own power. l can not believe that it has taken this long for this to get off the ground. 3 years ago 33 states had already met to set an agenda and rules of order. What is taking so long? This would never be this difficult if the 17th amendment were re-instated so that the senate ACTUALLY represented the states interests instead of just those voters in it’s various districts. Remember any group that has paid representatives like the John Birch Society, will not have your best interest at heart and that is what most of these negative posts are quoting.

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  7. In our day is typified by the moral and cultural scum oozing from Hollywood and DC. Pelosi, who thinks evil is good and good is evil, is representative of those who think good is what serves the state today. The convention would be an unmitigated disaster because the virtuous do not comprehend the demonic drive that moves the totalitarians, and will not be able to save even what we now have.

    Our Constitution is the legal reflection of Christianity, the only extant moral force now shoring the dam. The war on Christianity is fundamental to the totalitarians and to the extent they succeed, the world slides further under the mantle of crushing servitude.

    1. Hi Andrew, thanks for commenting! Thankfully an Article V convention completely bypasses Pelosi and the rest of the corrupt Congress, which is precisely why George Mason fought so hard for it at the Philadelphia Convention. This is the perfect time in history to pursue this because 69 of the nation’s 99 state legislative bodies are controlled by Republicans. We have the power! A balanced budget, term limits, and more limits on the corrupt federal government’s power are now within reach. I agree that the Constitution is a dam against corruption, but over the past century the Statists have largely been successful in punching gaping holes in its structure. The Framers gave us Article V for such a time as this in order to plug the holes and restore liberty. They agreed that the Constitution would need to be amended from time to time, which is why they included the Article V process. Clearly, the government’s out of control spending, as well as the rise of the entrenched ruling class career politicians, have corrupted our political institutions. Madison, Hamilton, Mason, Reagan, Friedman, Eisenhower, and many more statesmen have endorsed the Article V convention process as the way for the people to have recourse against a runaway government. It’s time!

      1. Garrett,

        Well said, but you miss my point. The Founders did not labor in a moral miasma, surrounded by a population sated by pragmatic atheism and materialism. The forces operating today have no love of the Truth, as did the Founders. The threat is not merely the Pelosi’s of the world but the toxic sludge she represents and floats upon.

        Imagine the result if the Founders had to contend with daily violent assaults by thugs from Occupy-Whatever, SEIU and the scathing glare of a hostile mass media. Imagine the replacement of 43 percent of the founders with delegates who would vote for a Democrat Clinton or Obama even if he performed child rape and sacrifice in prime time TV in the Oval office because “…that’s just his private life”.

        Our blessed, yes, ‘blessed’, Constitution was written by moral men who resorted to daily prayer at Franklin’s entreaty. Today the 43 percent would demand equal time for a Black Mass.

        1. Andrew, thanks again for commenting. Yes, there are many forces working for tyranny in America, but that does not mitigate the fact that something must be done, for the sake of my generation and the generations that follow. We need to do something, and the Framers told us what to do. There are still many good state legislators–people like you and me, who have great respect for the Constitution. Despite the corruption at the federal level, conservatives are making great strides at the state level. You should know that there are several safeguards in place for an Article V convention. Delegates are constrained by both the resolutions themselves as well as their state legislatures, who can recall them at any point if they act outside their authority. Additionally, the Assembly of State Legislatures, which is meeting to craft rules for a future convention next week, is made up of hundreds of state legislators who have prayerfully asked for God’s guidance. I encourage you to check out our article on their first meeting, wherein several legislators spoke out about the need to seek God’s direction, and they opened and closed the meeting in prayer. I truly believe and pray that God will use this movement to help restore America, but it will take action as well as humility before Him.

  8. I, James Renwick Manship, Sr., Tea Party Leader before the Tea Party came on the scene, and Conservative activist since 1980, do NOT BELIEVE it is time NOW or the immediate future for an Article V (of this Constitution) Convention, despite the above GOP party leaders who have publicly announced their support. Not one has spoken about the “Tactical Nuclear Option”, the wisely applied option that rid America of Richard Nixon, that is Article V of the Bill of Rights to this Constitution.

    When any of them show me they have a piddling of a comprehension of the Article V of the Bill of Rights Option being FAR better than the Article V of the Constitution, then I will respect their opinion, but not before.

    Also…Not one has spoken of the proper application of the 12th Amendment, that none of them who were in a position to use or influence elected servants in the Congress to use to save America, had the courage to employ in 2013.

    For what it is worth, The Washington Times, around A.D. 2006, described me as a “Master of American History”, and The New York Times, just after the Tea Party Election Victory of A.D. 2010, called my Biblical Study Guide to this Constitution, a “Concordance to the Preamble”.


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