Government Stockholm Syndrome

One of the biggest questions to me about American society is this: Why are people wanting to be so dependent on our federal government?

You hear about it all the time. The scandals, the IRS targeting groups of people to raise taxes on them, the continuous bipartisanship masking what is really going on in politics… Why are people so attracted to having lawmakers create a machine that more powerful?

Isn’t it simply logical to not trust our current administration? Especially when one party wants the government to control your life more and more? The Left is trapping people in what’s known as the “Government Stockholm Syndrome,”and this is nothing new in politics. Tyrannical governments have been using it politically since the beginning of civilization.

So why support it? You don’t. But you have to.

Stockholm Syndrome is a term widely used in criminology to describe a type of relationship between kidnapper and the victim. Simply put, the victim feels so sorry and helpless that they fall in love with the kidnapper. Sound familiar?

People stuck on welfare programs are currently falling into the Stockholm trap known as universal healthcare. Now they don’t always WANT to depend on the government in those ways, but have been brainwashed so badly by the Left that they feel like they HAVE to be on those programs because they are in a low income area or tax bracket.

What the Left doesn’t want you to know is that they make way more money off of you being in debt to these programs than you get out of them. It’s not what we are taught, that you get out what you put in; it’s more like keep putting in and we will give you some things back.

It is important to state that these programs at one point were not evil, exploited and unnecessary. During the 1930’s Great Depression, FDR did a great thing for our nation and made helpful programs. But here is the kicker: he didn’t increase welfare unless he raised the amount of jobs in the economy. Creating jobs in the public transportation sector and construction was not only a way to get most Americans off the street, but allowed the government programs to actually be what they should be.

A little boost to get you on your feet. It was set up like this for the people and so they wouldn’t need a dependency on the government for finances. This is not true today, government programs are a cash cow to our Leftist federal government, and they are exploiting Americans like you an me and calling it “progress.”

Over time, welfare, and now our healthcare programs, are set up to benefit the government as a way to silently correct their terrible spending habits. Universal healthcare is a way to silently correct  the Obama administration’s incompetent spending because they like to think it is smart to send in trillions of dollars into pointless sectors of our economy, then rave about how it’s a “successful Stimulus Package”.


That alone should make you never trust them again. The “Affordable Healthcare Act” is a name to mask a program used to grind money off of hard working Americans.

Don’t believe me? Walk into a hospital, pharmacy or doctor’s office and listen to the insurance conversations. The whole thing is one big mess, but they forced Americans to buy into it anyway.

obama promoting healthcare act


Yeah, a real trustworthy move right there.

I am worried that this syndrome is only going to worsen before we, as Americans of both parties, wise up and get rid of the unnecessary programs keeping Americans in poverty. It may come to a point to where the people who are smart enough to realize what is going on fade away without their voice being heard. Don’t let these Leftist politicians brainwash you to think government programs are good. They aren’t.

Keep in mind that currently our administration is running what is suppose to protect you like an exploiting business. If any corporation did all of the things the Obama Administration has done would you do business with them? No? Then why would let an overpowering Government do it?

Wake up, America.

Views expressed are not put forth or endorsed by Red Millennial.



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