Morgan Freeman Destroys Notion of Racial Income Inequality in 7 Words

The Oscar-winning actor also offers some common sense advice.



4 thoughts on “Morgan Freeman Destroys Notion of Racial Income Inequality in 7 Words

  1. Sadly some White Americans are at a disadvantage in the job market due to affirmative action. Affirmative action is an anti White policy which is unAmerican.

  2. Un-american? Native Americans believe in equality and collaboration.. So how is trying to make a more equal society and trying to rectify previous wrong doings “Un-American”? Just a question 🙂

    1. Punishing innocent people by passing over then for jobs just creates new wrongs. It don’t correct past wrongs.

      1. Aren’t all people in the situation innocent?

        What’s more when you attend an interview people don’t honestly just look at your experience or qualifications they judge how well you will “fit into the team”. People often feel more comfortable around people who they can relate to, or have similar experiences, or looks like them or a family member. This is human nature. Alas if all the people that hold the positions of power come from a similar background how is it possible for people not from the backgrounds to get into those positions.

        If recruitment simply came down to the person with the best qualifications or experience then why does the word “nepotism” exists? Often people are who are better qualified are overlooked because of their creed, class, background, colour etc. When we except this then we can really move forward and solve the issues facing our society today.


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