PRISON: Judge Napolitano Says Obama Could Face 10 Years to Life for Aiding a Terrorist Organization

Sending any person off to prison is no task to be handled lightly, especially when it comes to the President of the United States. Now there may actually be reason for President Obama to be sentenced behind bars, according to Judge Andrew Napolitano.

There have only been two Presidents that have been impeached, Andrew Johnson and Bill Clinton. Each time the Senate did not convict. If this were to actually happen, as Judge Napolitano explains, a President would be sent to prison for the first time in United States history.

BizPac Review– Judge Andrew Napolitano said, in no uncertain terms, that President Obama broke the law under two separate statutes in releasing five prisoners from Guantanamo Bay last week –  and he is not exempt from punishment.

The Fox News senior judicial analyst told host Shepard Smith that the law requiring Obama to give Congress 30 days notice before spending taxpayer funds on such a prisoner release is the lesser of the two legal sins.

It was the act of providing material assistance, in this case human assets, to the Taliban, identified by Congress to be a non-state terrorist organization, that is a crime punishable by imprisonment of 10 years to life.

A sitting president has never been tried for such a breach, Napolitano said, since it has never happened before, but the law applies to every American, including the president.

Obama probably won’t be challenged, he acknowledged, but he is not above the law.

Shepard Smith: “You’re accusing the President of the United States of aiding and abetting the enemy?”

Judge Napolitano: “Yes! Yes, it’s pretty clear! There’s no exception for the President’s behavior, that’s the Nixon argument, that if the President does it it’s not illegal. The statute governs everybody.”

Watch the Judge explain in the video below:

Calling for President Obama’s impeachment is nothing new from the right. However, even several liberal leaning analysts say that the President has indeed broken the law. If this is true, a call for impeachment and conviction would then be warranted.


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