Sergeant Bowe Bergdahl: The First of Many?

One day, a couple of weeks ago, a major story broke the mainstream media outlets. Sergeant Bowe Bergdahl had been released from Taliban captivity. The word “hero” was being thrown out left and right, because a prisoner of war was finally back home. But should people actually celebrate? As the days went by, more and more information began to leak out.

The father of Sergeant Bergdahl did a press conference with President Obama. In this press conference, he thanked Allah for having his son returned to him safely, and that raised a few concerns. But even with that, some people still called his son a hero.

bob bergdahl obama
Bob Bergdahl with the President at a press conference


Then it came out that Sgt Bergdahl was traded by the Obama Administration for 5 Taliban leaders being held in Guantanamo Bay. This only makes matters worse, as we only get one of our soldiers back and the Taliban get back 5 of their leaders.

And if the situation wasn’t bad enough already, word came out that Sgt Bergdahl walked off his post shortly before being captured by the Taliban. Several of the men in his platoon spoke up regarding this suspicion and confirmed that he has willingly left his post. In the years following, many soldiers lost their lives in the search for the Sergeant.

Why would the Obama Administration be so concerned and determined to get just one deserter back from his supposed captivity? Why did we not hear about it until it had already happened? The answer to one of those question lies in the Obama Administration itself.

The law states a President must go to Congress when wanting to conduct any kind of prisoner exchange. Obama had apparently gone to Congress and was told that it was not a good deal. Obama did not like this and decided to bypass Congress and make the exchange.

After analyzing the video of the exchange, several disturbing things were observed. First of all, the majority of the terrorists who were at the exchange were unarmed. The second thing we see is one of the terrorists pat Sergeant Bergdahl on the back before leaving. Not many know what this exactly meant, and I’m not sure if anyone will truly know what that pat on the shoulder meant, except for Bergdahl.

If Sergeant Bergdahl is truly a deserter, which is what he appears to be, then why is he possibly being awarded a promotion to Staff Sergeant, and why is he possibly going to receive back pay and allowances worth well over $300,000? This is not how we deal with a deserter. Deserters should be awarded a dishonorable discharge, forfeiture of ALL pay and allowances, as well as prison time.

Obama may have done more harm than he intended. First of all, it was a blatant disregard for the law, as he took the matter into his own hands. Second of all, the United States of America does not negotiate with terrorists (until now). This gives the terrorists all over the world a huge incentive. It also puts a huge price on the heads of all of our service members in harm’s way.

Terrorist organizations now know that all they have to do is kidnap American soldiers, and they can have their fellow terrorists freed, who can then continue to kidnap more soldiers until all their fellow terrorist cohorts have been released. As a military veteran myself, this puts me in a very uneasy spot.

The President has repeatedly shown disrespect towards the military. This, along with the VA scandal, clearly shows how the President views his military. The President continues to show his weakness and inability to run this country with strength and justice.


One thought on “Sergeant Bowe Bergdahl: The First of Many?

  1. This administration seems to be rewarding the lawbreakers and punishing the “Whistleblowers.” Good article and am in agreement. Sent email letter to members in Congress representing my district as to my feelings about the lawbreaking by this administration; and a copy of said letter was posted on the WI State Journal, Madison, WI Facebook website. Am planning on putting on ROAM website, also.


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