Texas Gun Shop Posts Highly Inflammatory Signs Weekly

Tactical Firearms of Katy, Texas has been thrust into the national spotlight over the past few weeks after signs they posted outside their shop have gone viral. Prepare yourself, these are highly politically incorrect!

This is the most recent sign created by the shop, satirizing how the President has sealed most of his records.


Would you trade our Commander-in-Chief for a Marine Sergeant?


Now talk about slamming the VA and the ATF in one shot!


And of course, who could deny this one?


If you’re looking for insurance, Obamacare should probably be last on your list. A firearm may be a better deal…


Playing off the “No Jesus, no peace” slogan, eh? Fair enough.


We will probably see many more of these from Tactical Firearms in the coming weeks. The government is seemingly doing everything it can to provide material for satire!

Views expressed are not put forth or endorsed by Red Millennial.


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