ABUSE? New Jersey Threatens to Take Son Away from His Parents

The current threat to parenting rights in America is breathtaking.

First we have watched the plight in Massachusetts with Justina Pelletier and Boston Children’s Hospital, and now we see another shocking case in New Jersey where the state is threatening parenting rights everywhere.

TheBlaze- A New Jersey father defended his son, Ethan, after a simple pencil-swirling incident nearly resulted in the boy’s suspension earlier this year because a classmate claimed he was spinning it like a “gun.” Following intense media scrutiny, school officials reportedly backed off and it looked like the situation would just blow over.

Then Michael Chaplin says he received a stunning letter from New Jersey’s Department of Child Protection and Permanency and Department of Children and Families. Despite the fact that the superintendent of the Vernon Township School District decided not to take any disciplinary action, the state reportedly claimed to have found “an incident of abuse or neglect.”

Michael, at first, refused to take his son to be evaluated, as no history of abuse or neglect existed between him and his son. As he said in the interview with local news, he did take his son to be evaluated so as to “play along,” and no behavioral problems were found.

That does not seem to be enough for the state of New Jersey. If Michael does not continue to have his son Ethan evaluated as dictated by the state, his parenting rights are potentially going to be taken away, and Ethan will be taken by New Jersey and put up for adoption!!

This case represents just another attack on parental rights in this country under the guise of “protecting children.” The absolute hysteria over “guns in school” should have any person with common sense shaking their head in dismay.


In the first place, Ethan should never have been thrust into the spotlight for something as simple as twirling a pencil. The anti-gun culture in public schools has gone to straight hysterical and psychotic reaction to anything possibly remotely related to the idea of a firearm.

Just as Forrest Gump would say, “I’m not a smart man…” but I know that this is just plain wrong.

Michael is saying that he will continue to battle New Jersey for custody of his son, and can only hope that they will make the right decision (we all know what that is).

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