UPDATES: The Assembly of State Legislatures from Indianapolis

Photo of proceedings courtesy of Sen. Kelli Ward, Arizona.

Over one hundred state legislators from across the country met June 12 and 13 in Indianapolis to discuss rules for a future Article V convention of states.

June 13 UPDATE 10456005_10203892388650916_1308333529030747700_n

Rep. Kelly Townsend of Arizona posted these photos of the proposed resolution issued by The Assembly of State Legislatures.


Adjournment was met with enthusiastic applause. Legislators will draft rules over the next several months and meet again in December to vote on these measures.

June 12 Updates


Legislators broke up into three committees (Judiciary, Rules and Procedures, and Planning, Communications, & Finances) to lay the groundwork for a future convention of states. The stated purpose of the Assembly of State Legislatures (formerly the Mount Vernon Assembly) is to alleviate any fears of a runaway convention, lay the logistical groundwork, and promote the Article V movement.


More than 100 state legislators are representing 30 states.

It’s like 1787 but with Twitter!

In the interest of transparency, you can watch proceedings live. Additional information is available at The Mount Vernon Assembly’s website. Rep. Nate Bell of Arkansas also posted a photo of the agenda for the day.

map (3)


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