Who Are We Putting First in America?

Since when is it standard procedure to treat deserters and illegal immigrants than military veterans and law abiding American citizens? Apparently since the Obama administration has switched the focus of policymaking.

The 3 major scandals of mid-2014 (can you believe I’m counting just those from this year?) represent a new attitude of policymaking in America. Rather than legislating and working for the good of American citizens, and those who have fought to protect them, the federal government, and the executive branch in particular, is now fighting in favor of terrorists and illegal immigrants.

Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl is looking more and more like a deserter from the Army, who converted to Islam and has either become sympathetic to, or a part of the cause of Jihad. In exchange, we gave up 5 top-level Taliban leaders who were responsible for the deaths of thousands of innocents.

The adage “we never leave a man behind” is brought up by those looking to defend the swap; and that is true. We do never leave one of our own behind in America. However, we do not leave our post and endanger our fellow defenders either. And that is exactly how it seems with Bergdahl.

Is a trade that gains a deserter and Jihad sympathizer worth freeing 5 of the most evil Jihadists that were held at Guantanamo Bay? It it utter nonsense to believe that releasing terrorists back into the world will make us safer. In fact, it now places a target on Americans’ backs, as hostage taking could become very profitable for terror groups looking to regain their fellow Jihadists.

Now there is a humanitarian crisis on the border with thousands and thousands of unaccompanied children flooding into the country. Where the hell did all these children come from? There have been rumors that advertisements are being played throughout Central America, telling people to send their kids to America because they will not be turned away.

It is estimated that more than 60,000 children will illegally cross the border in 2014 alone. This sudden spark in child immigration into the U.S. is extremely troubling, because it is creating a crisis on the border. And as Rahm Emmanuel infamously stated, “Never let a crisis go to waste.”

Another chilling fact about the crisis is that the Obama administration is forbidding photography of the facilities set up for these illegal immigrants. Why? Who knows. But whatever the reason, the Obama administration does not want us to know what is happening there.

And let’s not forget the abuse of our veterans by the VA. Who knows how many vets have died on secret waiting lists while the agency cooks the books trying to cover their tracks. If our veterans are not getting the kid of care they deserve for serving their country with honor, why should we the people expect anything better?

The combination of all these situations and scandals is nothing less than a proverbial slap in the face to America, and it reflects the entire attitude of the Obama administration. “I found out about it in the news. I’m madder than hell. I am not a dictator. I will not tolerate it. Et al.” Whenever something new is revealed, responsibility is always shrugged off, and someone else ends up thrown under the bus.

Even if Obama himself did not purport these scandals that have overrun the government, the demeanor in which he runs the administration trickles down to every single federal agency. The fact that not one of the scandals has been resolved fills the government with the mentality that no one is going to be held accountable for anything.

Is each scandal in and of itself reason for impeachment? Unless something seriously and undeniably sinister is revealed to the public, no there is not reason to impeach. But the combination of these scandals is why people are calling for it more than ever before.

From my perspective, the only actual crime that has been committed is in the Bergdahl situation, where the President did not inform Congress of the swap as required by law. High treason may come into play if enough support is gained for a charge of aiding and abetting the enemy, providing human assets to a terror organization.

But to me, there is a more important issue than the letter of the law, incompetence, and “I didn’t know.” The spirit of the law has been broken to such an extent that the President has lost the moral authority to lead. The purpose of the law is to protect people, namely the citizens and defenders in a society.

We have someone who seeks to protect those who break the law, like those who cross the border illegally, those who (seemingly) desert their fellow soldiers in combat, and the top leaders of terrorist organizations. There is simply no excuse for this.

Someone must be held accountable in this administration for putting the needs of American citizens last. Can a nation with an executive branch that is not under the law survive? No other nation has. Every country where special interest is first and the people are last has failed or is failing.

To put it simply, this goes nowhere good.



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