Marine Jailed in Mexico Grows ‘Despondent’ with No End in Sight

free tahmooressiToday marks 78 days since Sgt. Andrew Tamooressi, a Marine and Afghanistan war veteran, was originally arrested and brought to jail in Mexico. In a recent interview on Fox News’ “On the Record with Greta Van Susteren,” a friend of Tamooressi’s who served along side him in Afghanistan told Greta that Sgt. Tamooressi, like many war veterans, suffers from PTSD, and is growing “despondent” as his days in jail continue with no end in sight.

For those of you who don’t know, Sgt. Tamooressi was originally arrested on March 31st after he made a wrong turn and ended up crossing the Mexican border. When Tamooressi tried to explain the situation, he was ignored. Since he was living out of his car at the time, he had all of his possessions with him which happened to include three guns. Due to this coincidence, Sgt. Tamooressi was thrown in jail, and at times kept in chains.

With no help offered from Secretary of State John Kerry or any government officials with influence, Sgt. Tamooressi’s family has been fighting this battle alone. Jill Tamooressi, Andrew’s mother, recently hired the families third attorney since the fiasco first conspired back in March. The family has racked up more than $90,000 in lawyers fees, but little progress has been made.

andrew tahmooressiAn article on Fox News reported the following:

Bartholomew said on “On the Record with Greta Van Susteren” he spoke with Tahmooressi’s mother Jill, who confirmed the second lawyer had been fired. He said there was a disagreement in strategy with the new legal team; specifically that the lawyer knew very little about PTSD.

Bartholomew said the attorney did not want to “lean on” PTSD in Tahmooressi’s defense, even though Tahmooressi suffers from it. He said the Marine’s mother is now working with U.S. officials to help find a new lawyer.

“(Jill Tahmooressi) actually just met recently with consulate general Erickson and they are all working together to put together a new legal team for Andrew. She’s been interviewing new attorneys since Wednesday,” he said.

Bartholomew said the Marine’s mother also told him that Tahmooressi’s morale sinking lower and lower as he continues to languish in jail.

“Unfortunately he is becoming fairly despondent about the issue, but nevertheless, it’s inherent in his character he’s holding it together, and he is obviously hopeful for a favorable outcome,” he said. “So I mean, he knows that on the American side we are doing all we can to raise awareness for him and to raise public support.”

Sgt. Tamooressi bravely served our nation and now he’s sitting in a jail without having committed a crime while the U.S. government does nothing to help rescue him. How much longer must he waste away in a Mexican jail? How much longer does his family have to worry and suffer? How much longer will our leaders allow this injustice?



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