Political Delusions And Invasion Of America

obama-asleepIraq burns as yet another backwards and savage Muslim group is on the march in the Middle East. Politicians who are not convinced democracy and Islamism are incompatible seek to lead us back into the lions den. Senator Lindsey Graham suggested working with Iran to secure Iraq, but sadly like President Obama, Sen. Graham’s good friend, Senator McCain, he fails to grasp there are no large group of moderate Arab Muslims in the Middle East. Failure to grasp this has resulted in a failed foreign policy and countless loss of American lives.

There may be no easy solution in Iraq right now where Al Qaeda, instead of being on the run, seems right at home and the so called “moderate Prime Minister” of Iraq is friendly with the terrorist group Hizbollah. As savage Islamists parade heads they decapitated from those who they don’t approve of, we have to ask ourselves, “Is it really a good idea to put American troops amongst these violent people, and is it not smarter to focus on keeping them out of our boarders which are currently being overrun?” These terrorists and their strongholds can be taken out by air in targeted strikes while avoiding a prolonged entry into a Muslim bloodbath.

As to our boarders, instead of wanting our troops all over the world and siding with Iran and the “moderate” Syrian rebels, maybe it’s time Senator Graham fight amnesty and stand with people like Jeff Sessions, Tom Tancredo and Steve King for a secure United States boarder. No amnesty, no open boarders, and no pandering just enforcement of United States law.

This can go along way in preventing drug cartels, criminals, and Islamists from sneaking into the United States, and it can also mean an end to third world taking advantage of the American taxpayer. As countless illegals sneak into our country, creating a crises on our southern boarder, it is time to enforce our laws and keep the illegals and third world invaders out. By doing so, we will help keep America safe from Islamism more than another round of building roads and Mosques in Iraq will do.

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3 thoughts on “Political Delusions And Invasion Of America

  1. Kerry and Hilary Clinton are living with delusion about thr Islamist threat as well. Kerry thinks poverty causes terror and Hilary feels Obamas realise of the Gittmo terrorists poses little threat to America. Yet again the left wing politicians are out of touch with reality.


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