Subversive Muslims Seek Out Global Caliphate

Matthew VanDyke the American Freedom Fighter in the Libya War in Sirte
Reports indicate that some Muslims from America and Europe are heading abroad to wage jihad with terrorist groups.

Here’s some news you won’t hear from the leftist pro-Muslim, anti-patriot mainstream media, as per Robert Spencer, historian and expert on Islam, and his blog Jihad Watch.

American citizens from Muslim lands are seeking to go to Islamic countries to learn the ins and outs of terror. The fact that these young terrorists are even being considered to be allowed back in to America after engaging in jihad overseas should concern us all. Over the past few months we have learned of a Muslim from Florida blowing himself up in Syria, an attempted Islamist attack in upstate New York, and Somali “refugees” in Minnesota financing and engaging in Islamic terrorism in Somalia.

Yet again we see the problem with open borders and our so called refuge settlement program. Islamists are here to advance their goal of global Islamic rule. This is done either through violence or through civilizational jihad, which is done through the legal system. Organizations like the Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR) are here to advance the cause of jihad through the American legal system.

The silence of the American Muslim community regarding the seemingly endless flow of Islamist terrorists speaks volumes. We know if a politician dared utter a critical word about Islamists, or if the TSA profiled this group of potential terrorists instead of 90 year-old grandparents, the Islamic outrage would be vast. The silence of this administration and too many in Washington on the issue of the Islamist threat to America and its interests worldwide should be cause for pause. Whose interests are this White House really representing anyway?

As Hillary and her team prepare the inevitability narrative to take the presidency, isn’t it time the media asks her why she has stood with Islamists on many occasions and pandered to the uncivilized Middle Eastern Muslim world as Secretary of State? The answers to these questions would be telling.



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