VIDEO: Darrell Issa Claims Lois Lerner Acted for Obama

In an interview with Fox News on Monday June 23 before a critical IRS hearing before Congress, House Oversight Committee Chair Darrell Issa talked about his preliminary thoughts on recent developments in the IRS targeting scandal.

The most recent event is that the IRS claims that 2 years of Lois Lerner’s emails were “lost” and the hard drives were “destroyed.” Fortunately, no one is buying that, especially Congressman Issa.

Bill Hemmer: “On that list of 50 questions (to the IRS), what is the most critical one for you right now?”

Darrell Issa: “The most critical one really has to do with, in fact, who made the decision to destroy the document. Remember, a lawyer, Lois Lerner, is somebody who decided to put documents on that C drive, on her local drive. Can you believe for a moment that she didn’t make a back up copy, or if those were important documents to her, that she didn’t insist on greater steps to be taken to try to recover them.”

Watch the full interview on “America’s Newsroom” below:



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