Sara Carter Raises Serious Concerns About Potential Disease Crossing the Border

South Texas McAllen Mine Resistant Ambush Protected VehicleSara Carter, the senior Washington correspondent for the Blaze, raises some serious concerns about the potential disease and sickness that is likely pouring into our country via the flood of illegal immigrants which have been pouring over the border lately. Carter highlights these concerns in her latest article on the Blaze which was published this morning.

Poverty and the lack of advanced health care in Central America have heightened concerns among law enforcement and medical professionals about the kinds of sickness the surge of illegal immigrants crossing the southern U.S. border could be bringing with them.

“There is really no hard stop at the border, and we have no idea health-wise what diseases are coming across,” a health official who works in the McAllen border area told TheBlaze. ”There’s no real medical screening either. Basically if [an illegal immigrant] tells a Border Patrol agent or law enforcement official they feel sick, or if they look sick, then they’re checked. If they don’t say anything, that’s it, they’re cleared.”

He added, “And if you were feeling sick if you were illegal, would you tell anyone? They’ve sent children and families all across the country without medical health screenings.”

The federal government “needs to realize there is a potential for a public health disaster,” the official said.

Many of the illegals are checked by border patrol agents who clearly have little medical training. When an agent spots something unusual or if someone is sick, they refer them to a doctor. However, symptoms are often not seen externally or felt by the victim, in the early stages of a disease, when it is most often curable.

This likely flood of disease which is potentially pouring across the border, will likely result in an   nationwide of wide epidemic. As there is no way to know how many potentially contagious diseases are pouring across the border, we are exposing the nation to the potential outbreak of numerous epidemics.

Not only are we exposing our citizens to potential disease, but the infected illegals, have the potential to spread any disease they may carry to other illegals that they are traveling with. If disease spreads through the illegals that only increases the potential for the disease to spread to our citizens. We are exposing the nation to huge potential for epidemic nationwide, as theses likely infected illegals continue to pour across the border. I encourage you to read the entirety of Carter’s piece on the Blaze.




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