Hobby Lobby Ruling Slows War on Religious Conscience

As both a Christian and a libertarian, I am pleased that the Supreme Court realized that freedom of conscience is more important than mandated contraceptives, “women’s rights,” murder pills, et al. Whatever you decide to call what the government was defending, it was really no more than a legal assault on freedom of conscience in the United States.

This term, freedom of conscience, is of the utmost importance in any society which wishes to remain free. Freedom of conscience is the entire basis of the Western way of life (at least it used to be). The idea is that one can live in this country, choose to associate or not associate with certain people; provide certain benefits or not provide them, and not be under threat of prosecution for doing so.

In choosing to associate with people, one does not give up those freedoms that a free society is predicated upon. In fact, voluntary interaction with other people in the public sphere is the most important aspect of a free society, because its people are not coerced into acting a certain way by government edicts.

So let’s put this case into a little bit of perspective. President Obama and the Department of Health and Human Services are telling me that if I have a business, that I have to pay for things that violate my religious beliefs and that I do not have the right to extend my faith into my interactions with the public or my employees.

My employees “health care” needs are placed above that of religious conscience. This represents a shift in the mentality of many Americans, from wanting a place to live as they choose, to a place where they can get free stuff (bread and circuses).

Here’s a tip. If you want every single form of birth control and contraception, you can go buy that on your dime. You are not going to force me, or anyone else who has a conscientious objection to violate our beliefs. If you can force the government to force us to do so, you have wittingly given up freedom that you take for granted and probably have no idea you even possess.

Picture & Quote from FaithTravelFocus.com
Picture & Quote from FaithTravelFocus.com

If the ruling was in favor of the contraception mandate, America would be one step closer to making Christianity illegal. Maybe you think I’m exaggerating, but if you cannot exercise your faith freely in your business and in public, you do not have religious freedom. Being able to practice your faith in the home, but not in public is not religious freedom.

This is the reason that the 1st Amendment was written and made a part of the Constitution. The rights of the minority, in fact even the individual, are protected from the tyranny of the majority. The Founders understood that majorities could be just as tyrannical as a single dictator, if not even worse. The republican form of government and 1st Amendment were created to ensure that my freedom of conscience will not be simply legislated away by a perverted majority of people.

Our system of checks and balances worked as it should. We should now be wary of further attacks of freedom of conscience, as they are still coming. Think about bakeries being threatened because they will not provide wedding cakes for same sex marriages. These cases will eventually end up in the Supreme Court. It is in the best interest of all Americans, living now and in the future, for freedom of conscience to be upheld again.

Without freedom of conscience, what do you have?

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