Time for Obama to Stop Aiding Jihad

Yes, you read that headline right. Sadly a few days ago news came out of Israel that the three teenagers kidnapped by Islamists were murdered. Yet again the so called Palestinian people with whom the Left sympathizes were shown to be savage and heartless as they were seen handing out candy to celebrate the kidnapping of innocent children.

Many in this country will recall that some Islamists in the Gaza Strip and West Bank were seen reacting this same way to news that the twin towers were taken down by their fellow Islamists. But aren’t these just a small minority? Aren’t the vast majority of “Palestinians” peace loving people the naive liberals with coexist bumper stickers and Obama pins will ask?

The answer to this is a resounding “no.” In democratic elections the Palestinians choose Hamas, a noted terrorist organization who intends to wipe Israel off the map. The mothers of these Islamist Philistines routinely brag and gloat about their sons killing Israelis, as talked about in Bret Stephan’s recent article in the Wall Street Journal. Hamas themselves have said that they love death the way Israelis love life.

The Left will try to excuse this barbaric and evil behavior, for they will always root for third world uncivilized peoples against any Western country.

Palestinian terrorism as children watch

What does the man who routinely told the American people in the last election cycle that the security of our ally Israel is important have to say about these gruesome terrorist murders? While Mike Huckabee and Ted Cruz have championed the plight of the three kids who were kidnapped, Barack HUSSEIN Obama has been very quiet.

People in his administration in classic liberal immoral equivalent fashion have condemned the attack, but called on all sides to show restraint. Earth to Mr.Obama! Some leaders actually believe in finding those who murder their citizens and executing swift justice. Or does the Leftist in the White House expect Netanyahu to avoid responding to these attacks the way he reacted to Benghazi? Either way making moral equivalencies between Israel and the Islamists as Obama is doing is not only callous and hypocritical, but undermines the national security of America and our standing as a superpower.

The correct course for America to take is to support Israel in her struggle to protect her citizens from Islamist barbarism as it has lifted its ugly head all around the world. Secondly America should do as Representative Bachmann, Senators Rubio, Paul and Cruz have suggested: end US aid to the Palestinians immediately.

Now the PLO is in a unity government with its fellow terrorist group Hamas its bad enough Obama negotiates with terrorists, but he should not send American tax payer money to them as well. Foreign aid should be to advance American interests and funding terrorists is not in Americas interests. While Obama may ignore the law about not funding terrorists, we the people should demand that this end. For those of us who remember the days when the president made America proud this one seems to make America weak and the Islamists proud.


2 thoughts on “Time for Obama to Stop Aiding Jihad

  1. This occupant in the oval office routinely sides with the towel heads against America. Hopefully next election another Pro Muslim canidate will not be elected.

  2. Islamism is a national security threat maybe it’s time we stop letting Palestenians, Syians and Iraqis into USA. Seal the borders and enforce constitution.


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