Hobby Lobby Opinion From a Girl Who Was on the Frontlines of the Battlefield

hobby lobby pro life crowd

The reason why I’ve waited to write on the historic day was because of all the emotion. Even though emotions can help you create a passionate piece. I wanted to wait and see what was being said after all the hype was gone.

I was there on the front steps of the Supreme Court as the opinion came out: June 30th, 2014.

I rode the metro into work that day. In the morning, I saw protestors fill my metro car; I started to feel the nerves then. We walked side by side all the way up to the court house and I arrived on scene at 8am, joining fellow colleagues and friends.

We stood to pray as the protesters started to “rally their troops and prepare battleground plans.” They chanted while we prayed, and in all the commotion I had this great peace come over my body. I was reminded of a verse in the Bible out of John that states along the lines of: fear not because I have overcome the world. But I couldn’t help my human nature; shaky hands and a suppressed mood were present.

As the rally began, speakers defending Hobby Lobby overpowered the opposition protesters no doubt. More and more tourists stopped to see what the entire ruckus was. I saw young people describing the case to many of the tourists on the steps as they had no idea what a historic day they came on. I even was asked by a family vacationing from Vancouver, Canada. They had no idea that Hobby Lobby still gave access to 16 DIFFERENT kinds of CONTRACEPTION. For all I know they could have walked away with a completely different perspective on the issue at hand.

Let me tell you a little about the battlefield. The protestors’ signs were poorly made. Their slogans defended our position. Many of them tweeted #NotMyBossBusiness – which is ironic when they were the ones asking for their boss to pay for their “healthcare must-haves.” If anything, that was our slogan!

The one problem with NARAL and the protesters in general was that they were poorly informed. Whether it was on the case, the topic or their mission for the day. Hobby Lobby was fighting 4 kinds of contraception, which they believe to be categorized under abortifacients. These drugs are scientifically proven to end a life that was formed.

So remember. The next time your stepping into “enemy territory,” be prepared to know which side you are truly on.

SCOTUS Blog updated as the interns rushed out with the decision in their hands. This moment would redefine our First Amendment, and our nation’s founding principle – or, it would change America forever.

The race to be first was on and the world just went into slow motion. My stomach sank and I looked into the sky. I prayed that the Lord’s will be done, and the crowd went wild. Cheers drowned out the nastiness of the protestors. I knew that morning was something special, something that would affect my actions from everyday forward.

This victory was just one small step in our battle of reclaiming our beautiful nation, and to inspire each American. I do not think that NARAL speaks for even half of the women in this nation. Their protesters were led by a man cheering, “Sex is my hobby so I’m here to lobby.”

The Left’s fight was all about selfishness. Our fight was lead by women and spoke of selflessness, we were (and still are) in favor of everyone to have freedom; the unborn child waiting to be born, the pro-lifer, the abortion activist, and everyone in between.

The Left is doing everything in their power to try and get around this Supreme Court ruling. We have to be aware of Congress’ plans for the last few weeks let in session. Yes, we did win, but no the fight is not over. So you, yes you, it’s time to get up and fight for your country! There comes a point when you cannot just leave “it” up to everyone else. If we all had that mentality (which I think has gotten us into this mess) then nothing would get done.

You have to give up your extra time and send those extra 5 dollars to support the cause you believe is right for our nation. The Left loves to tell lies. But I’m here to tell you the truth. Conservative movement is not dead; grassroots work is alive and well spreading the joys of LIFE, Liberty and helping you find your pursuit of happiness.


6 thoughts on “Hobby Lobby Opinion From a Girl Who Was on the Frontlines of the Battlefield

  1. “The Left’s fight was all about selfishness.”

    You believe what you want to believe. I have never been pregnant, have zero chance of being pregnant, and zero chance of getting anyone pregnant. How is my support of abortion rights selfish?

      1. How is anyone else’s child a burden on my life? As a childless person i could equally argue that the more children the more people to pay for my social security.

        It isn’t simple just because it would make it easier for you. It would be a nice clean answer for you if everyone who opposed you was just “selfish”, but wishing it that way doesn’t make it so.

  2. How is ending another person’s life because it is not convenient for you or not something you want to deal with not selfish? How is valuing your own life over a helpless child’s not selfish? I can not think of a more selfish or irresponsible act. You may not have children but that doesn’t make this subject not about you. I am not a mother nor do I plan on being one at any point. But I have five siblings and I cannot imagine the world without them. I am a pro- live activist because I value life, morality, and fight for those who cannot fight for themselves. There is no reason why abortion should be allowed and absolutely no reason any one should have to pay for that aside from the person getting the procedure done.

    Great article Katie! What a wonderful depiction of what being at the Supreme Court for such an important ruling felt like and for spreading truth about sticking up for your convictions.


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