The “Present” President and the No-Compromise Congress on the Border Crisis

In the last year, an estimated 50,000 unaccompanied children have made it across the Texas-Mexico border.

The  President continues to ask for money to throw at the problem, while bashing the GOP and seeking ‘additional authority.’

Money alone will not fix this problem. The President has a responsibility to secure the border and enforce this nation’s laws, which he has yet to do.

During the election cycle of 2008, then-Senator Obama was criticized for voting “present” on major issues. His passive tone has carried from the Senate floor to the Oval Office on a number of issues, but on no issue quite as dangerous and close to home as this crisis on the border.

If the President had a plan to fix this crisis, he would have no problem visiting the border while he fundraises in Texas. However, the President doesn’t like to take responsibility, and would rather just vote “present” when his leadership counts.

According to Fox News, the President “has declared comprehensive immigration legislation dead in Congress and announced plans to proceed on his own by executive action to make whatever fixes he can to the nation’s dysfunctional immigration system.” But such a move would only add to the political chaos, as the President would seem to be contradicting his own plan “of shielding millions of people from deportation while at the same time trying to hurry deportations for the unaccompanied children.”


It’s time for the President to stop the bleeding and stop “voting present.” A clear, strong message must be sent to South and Central America that their children cannot, and will not get a free pass to stay in the U.S.

Because it’s likely the President will not be the strong leader he needs to be, it is up to Congress to wake up and push legislation to secure the border through  bipartisan efforts.

While the President is largely to blame for this humanitarian crisis, the Republican-controlled House did vow to not take up an immigration bill this year, and refused to compromise with Senate Democrats. That was an obvious mistake, and it makes one wonder if Republican lawmakers really do want reform.

Although now the House has gotten to work by at least proposing a plan and Senate Democrats have also  suggested solutions, more must be done for the long-term.  There are many similarities between both parties suggestions, including boosting funds for Mexico and Central American countries to improve their own border security.

But it is time for comprehensive, reasonable immigration reform. It is time for leadership from all branches of government.

Only time will tell if the GOP will be unified before the election season takes full swing.


2 thoughts on “The “Present” President and the No-Compromise Congress on the Border Crisis

  1. Although the GOP are at fault as well for avoiding this problem for many years, you never mentioned in your article that they (the GOP) won’t do anything on immigration because they know that they can not trust Obama to uphold border security when they compromise on the other issues. We know he picks and chooses what laws he wants and ignores the ones he doesn’t agree with.


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